Book of Robert Doisneau pictures

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  1. Does anybody have a book of Doisneau pictures to advise?

  2. I have a fat paperback simply entitled "Doisneau Paris", published by Gingko, and also look
    for the name "Brigitte Ollier"....
  3. Also consider his "Three Seconds From Eternity," three seconds being the total exposure time of all the pictures in the book combined.

    (At 1/30 per photo, that's 90 photos!)
  4. I Have the same book as William mentioned, great book. Also have a smaller paperback just titled "Robert Doisneau" by Jean-Claude Gautrand, published by a company called Taschen. I purchased it in the UK, but I've seen it in the US as well. 195 pages, text in English, French and German. Interesting book...made for a great read on the flight back from Heathrow last year.
  5. Thank you all. Could you please let me know if "Doisneau Paris" was written in French and then translated in English, or the other way around? It should be stated on the back of the first cover, or anyway in the first few pages along with the copyright notices.

    Thanks again.
  6. Francesco,

    The introductory essay by Bridget Ollier was written in French (I assume, she is/was a
    journalist for Liberation) and translated into English. The translator's name is given on the
    last page.

  7. Thanks William

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