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  1. One of those Artisan lenses at 1.1. L1000409.jpg
  2. 4BA49ABE-937A-4C9D-8356-310E61B9FC76.jpeg
    Phone bokeh with digital zoom. Wish I had something better in hand.
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  3. It's my favorite trick in photography - bokeh. I usually use old retro lenses to create such an effect on my pictures. Here is an interesting article on this topic. If you know some other sites, please share with me)
  4. IMGP1020bokeh_overkill.jpg
    Porst 50mm f1.7
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  5. Older lenses have fine microcontrast and often have interesting bokeh. That gives them a so-called organic look.
  6. grh


    I enjoy my Lensbaby Velvet 85 quite a bit.... flower_20180609_4760-Edit-Edit.jpg
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  7. My use of this same lens for a "bokeh" effect can be seen below.

    Just revisiting this thread, as I see it's still going strong. I must say that I haven't really considered bokeh as a photographic technique in and of itself, Isn't more a by-product? Then again, since it's become such a "thing" I guess it seems there are lenses made with bokeh in mind, eh?
  8. SMC Pentax - A 50 mm f1.4 at f2.8.

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