Bob Atkins, can you confirm regarding the XT?

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  1. Saw this thread on DPreview.

    Chuck Westfall, Director/Media & Customer Relationship, Canon USA,
    advises as follows regarding the flash sync circuit of the EOS
    Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D):


    The EOS Digital Rebel XT uses a modified version of the EOS 20D's
    shutter unit. Consequently, acceptable trigger circuit voltage for
    both cameras is the same, i.e., 250 volts. Except for the original
    Digital Rebel, all current EOS digital SLRs (i.e., EOS-1Ds Mark II,
    EOS-1D Mark II, EOS 20D and EOS Digital Rebel XT) generate their X-
    sync signals electronically rather than mechanically. This is why
    they have higher acceptable trigger circuit voltage ratings than
    earlier models like the D30, D60, 10D and original Digital Rebel.
    These older models cannot be modified to achieve a higher trigger
    circuit voltage rating, since such a modification would require a
    different shutter mechanism as well as a complete redesign of the
    supporting circuitry.

    I didn't see this as a public statement by Chuck, the poster said it
    was a email reply to him from Chuck.
    Your review says the XT accepts only 6 volts. There seems to be a lot
    of confusion on this subject. People on the CDPF(Canon Digital
    Photography Forum) site are taking the 250 volts as fact too. Could
    there of been changes post review?
  2. If Chuck says it's 250v, it's 250v. I'll look for confirmation and change the review if it turns out to be correct.
  3. I asked Canon what the voltage was on the 20D at the hotshoe. They told me 6 volts. They said it was only the PC socket that was 250 volts. Now I've read contradictory info on this, so I would caution te info you read to be sure.
  4. Yup, I figure Bob knows the right contacts(pardon the pun)and can sort this out for us.

    Thanks Bob.

  5. I would imagine Bob probably has Chuck's email address, and Chuck is the right person. As Bob said, if Chuck says it is so, then it is so. The only issue is whether the information shown above is a direct quote from Chuck or has been edited; I suspect it's a direct quote.
  6. Asking "Canon" (i.e. the person on their 800 line) is pretty much a crap shoot. You may get correct info, you may not. Even some of their tech reps may not know the technical details of stuff that's not in their literature.

    I believe both the hot shoe and PC socket are 250v on the 20D. This does make sense as presumably they use the same sync switch for both.

    I believe anything that Chuck Westall says regarding the technical details of Canon cameras and lenses. The only thing to check on is that he actually said something that people quote him as having said!
  7. Chuck Westfall hasn't posted anything himself at his usual Robgalbraith haunt since last December. It's almost as if he has been banned from internet comment by Canon Japan. However, Doug Kerr (the origin of the quoted email from Chuck) has a history of being a knowledgeable and responsible poster on Robgalbraith (in addition to trying to educate some of the DPReview crowd), so I would treat the information as if it had been posted directly by Chuck Westfall.
  8. I know for a fact that Canon Japan do read a number of web forums and that they do excercise some control over what Canon USA do with regard to such forums. Don't ask me how I know this...

    I thought (but I could be mistaken) I read somewhere that Chuck had a new position (promotion?) and that may account for his change in posting to forums - or it couldbe a policy change, or he could just be too busy to post. If he did change jobs it would have happened sometime after PhotoExpo in NYC (late 2004) since I spent quite some time talking with Chuck and other people from Canon there and I think he was still manager of the Camera Divison Technical Information Dept at Canon USA.
  9. Update: I believe Chuch Westfall is now director of Media and Customer Reliationship for the Camera Marketing Group of Canon USA. That probably means he's real busy and he's out of the direct technical area.
  10. I contacted Canon Tech Support regarding the 20D and pasted the Chuck Westfall quoted clarification of sync voltage. Below is the question and answer from Canon.

    Thanks for your response. I guess I'm trying to define "high voltage".
    You say "trigger voltage" on the 20D is 6V. The PC connection says 250V
    and a link on the site from a Canon representative is below:
    Chuck Westfall, Director/Technical Marketing Dept.,Camera
    Division/Canon U.S.A., Inc., advises as follows:
    "Canon Inc. confirms that there is no difference in sync voltage
    tolerances between the PC socket and the hot shoe in terms of X-sync. In
    the case of EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1Ds, EOS-1D and EOS
    20D, the sync voltage tolerance is 250 volts."
    It would seem from this statement that the trigger voltage might be as
    low as 6V, but the tolerance is 250V. Here is the reference link.
    I appreciate that Canon does not test product or specifications for
    other manufacturers. I have those specifications and they are voltage
    no greater than 9V. Just want to confirm that Mr. Westfall's statement
    confirms an upper limit of tolerance for both the PC socket and hot
    Mark Carter

    Dear Mark Carter,

    Thank you for contacting Canon product support.

    The post by Chuck Westfall is valid and you may use anything which
    produces less than 250V. Enjoy!

    Thank you for choosing Canon.


    Product Support Representative

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