Boardwalk at night

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    Love the trusty Rollei. Hand held at lower speed, and still very sharp. Wasn’t sure this was going to come out so well, but it seems a success. Thought you guys and gals would like to critique
    Thanks in advance!
    "Surf Mall" Ocean City, NJ August 2021
  2. I like it! Classic street shot. Only nit I can come up with is that really narrow black border on the left. I'd have cropped that out, but that's me.
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  3. One thing I like about the shot is that boardwalks probably looked like this even in the 40s and 60s, except of course the teenager attires. So, in that sense, the shot feels kind of timeless and very identifiably American (boardwalks look like this from NJ to CA). I also like the soft spread of the light outward on the boardwalk, the texture of the wooden planks and the color temperature is not too orangish, which is a plus. The exposure seems quite spot on for a night shot. the luminance of the neons and the bright Surf signs are properly highlighted, while there are no washed out highlights anywhere else.
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  4. I am constantly amazed at what a 60+ year old camera and film can do. There really is no substitute!

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