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Discussion in 'Minox' started by ian_wade, May 13, 2011.

  1. So I picked up a trial pack of the bluefire police film from frugal photographer
    And I was wondering if anyone out there had used it in a Minox and would be
    Willing to share some of his or her shots with it good or bad.

    Once I get it cut and loaded you can bet I will post some of my own here.
  2. I remember trying out once a Bluefire roll,and I used the processing time and dilution of Agfa Copex in Studional (rated ASA 12).Negative was a tad on the underexposed side,but printable.I also seem to recall the film was of the thinnest (quite annoyingly so) I have seen:)).
    Alas,those pics are long gone.Looking forward to seeing yours here though.
    Kind regards,
  3. Good luck with the Bluefire. I had forgotten I had some 35mm bulk and have been agonising over slitting 16mm Imagelink HQ for the the 'B'. I have a slitter for 35mm so will get on to that ASAP. I had thought I'd have to make a guide to keep the 16mm straight in the 35mm slitter. You've solved my problem - all unknknowing!
    In 35mm I found the H&W was OK and Pat Gainer's PC borax was good too. ISO 50.
    Al very experimental - no images to show. Thanks for the nudge.
  4. Well I've cut loaded and now developed the shots I took with the bluefire I got. This was the first
    Time I have ever developed any kind of film, I was scared witless. Yet somehow they came out hell
    It had to have been an accident. Cuz I had screwed up right from the start
    I had negligently forgot to put the 36 exp ring in the tank. I had mistakenly thought I had the tank from I think it was the late 60's
    Early 70's it cam with only one ring, so I figured it was the smaller Tank with the 15 exp ring.
    I was wrong.
    So yeah the tape that held it on the take up spool let go and I didn't know it at the time.

    So basically the film was all wound around the bottom of the tank when I took it out. When I started to pull the spiral out and didn't
    see any film I about *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* myself. Then I saw that at least the images came out and quickly dryed them off and thy are hanging as I
    type this all out.
    My question to you guys is this. How do I upload them here without a film scanner?
    Is there a cheap way to get them digitized?
  5. im going to try and upload a few here

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