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  1. Hello, can someone explain why this roll was so damaged and what are those blue dots? I developed it together with another film and the second was perfect. Since is from a client I ignore if the film was expired, but the owner told me they exposed it more than 1 year ago, is this the cause of this deterioration?

    Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 13.53.35.png
  2. I attach another picture.

    Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 14.19.31.png
  3. Spots like that are usually caused by contamination of the film by metal particles - specks of rust from an old camera for example.

    Of course it's impossible to accurately diagnose the fault remotely, but metal contamination would be my best guess.
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  4. Thanks a lot, the film was very sticky when i removed from the canister, i suspect was either water damaged or put in a super humid location. The other film loaded in the same tank with same chems was perfect.
  5. Condensation on the film will definitely cause spots, but usually not with such a pronounced blue or purple colouration. (Yellow or green in the negative.)

    Maybe the cassette got rusty or corroded?
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