Blue Grouse

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  1. Ordinarily the Blue Grouse is difficult to find: it blends in with the forest floor, it likes conifer forests high in the mountains, and it rarely flushes until you nearly step on it (thus the nickname "Fool Hen"). When I heard of an easily-accessible family of Blue Grouse at Yosemite's Glacier Point I jumped at the opportunity.
    Blue Grouse, taking a break from preening
    Leicaflex SL, 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R, Provia 400F, monopod/shoulder stock
    I'll be scanning several photos so rather than take up bandwidth I'll add them to my website as I scan them.
    All comments welcome.
  2. Very nice photo Doug!
  3. Beautiful work, as usual.
  4. WOW wonderful portrait,great composition the straw on the right place...perfect light,sharp...I very much enjoy your pictures!
  5. A beautiful image. Bravo, Doug. I'm afraid that what you see here is the best I can do with nature photography.
  6. Where have you been, buddy?
  7. SCL


    Superb, as always, and it appears the SL is still your favorite! Right on!
  8. jtk


    Blue Grouse are great eating, while you're hunting elk...and they're taken with an arrow.
  9. I would love to pictures half as good as you do! Incredible shots.
  10. Nice to see you here,Doug. Don't be a stranger.
  11. Audubon with a camera.
  12. Okay, to join the man himself.......
  13. Richie, I want to thank you again for nudging me toward the 280 f/4 APO. Kinda big and hefty but WOW what it does to a piece of film! Kurt and Peter A, the background grass was one of the things that I liked about this particular setting. Ollie, that's an adorable beagle and a great caption. Stephen, I had the 280 converted from 3rd-cam to 3-cam so I could use it on the SL. That's gotta mean something :) John Kelly, I ought to write up my story of the blue grouse I found in NW BC in 1980. Who needs an arrow when you have bare hands?
    Everyone, thanks for looking and commenting.
  14. ...................
  15. Super large...........
  16. That's me eating Z as usual;)
  17. I've posted my Blue Grouse story. The picture with the story isn't great but it's the best I have of this event.
  18. Thanks for sharing, Douglas. You are an inspiration.
  19. That's me eating Z as usual;)

    He should think about going to a gym or something.
  20. Doug,

    Your talent is awesome. Have you considered a book, or have you done so already? I would be a buyer. Thank you for posting.
  21. May I throw in one of the only wildlife photos by me that I like (except for shots of my beloved sheepdogs)? No great adventure, taken at the Seattle Zoo with a Fuji s602, but I do own three leica LTMs. I think it is called a bat eared fox.

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