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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by toddklassy, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Do you know of any good blogs dedicated to learning more about
    photgraphy and techniques, Canon cameras (specifically the 20D) and
    lenses, etc.? I'm teaching myself photography and while I like
    checking this board every day, I wonder if there are other resources
    out there that I'm not taking advantage of.

  2. Todd, I'm no pro, but I have these suggestions:

    First and foremost, exhaustively mine's own educational resources. Here are just a couple of the "permanent" pieces I have found to be very helpful:

    There is a named "Boo" who loves her Canon Digital Rebel (300D) and her 50mm/1.8 lens (which sells for a shockingly cheap $80 or so). Boo has put together a clear and well-written website, with lots of examples. It assumes little prior knowledge. I don't consider myself a novice, but I have learned a lot from her. I particularly like her pieces on "the black art of digital sharpening" and "getting the most out of the 50mm/1.8 lens." Her website is here:

    One of the most highly regarded photography websites is "Luminous Landscape" by Michael Reichman. M.R. has strong opinions, shares them freely, and is an experienced landscape photographer and Canon partisan. His opinions are sometimes stronger than his data, but his site is a goldmine of tutorials and information on equipment and technique. Link is here:

    I like "Digital Outback Photo" as well, which is managed by Uwe and Bettina Steinmueller, among others. It is here:

    Moose Petersen's (the landscape photographer) website has informational sections such as "General Photography Tips," etc. He is a Nikon fan.

    Bob Atkins's blog is here (many of his pieces become part of

    And for good coverage of the basics, don't overlook Canon's own "Digital Learning Center:"

    For lens info, I find to be one of the better resources, mainly because many of the photographers who contribute have been committed to this art since long before cameras entered the digital age. I find both the advice here to be more seasoned and more civil (usually). Use the site's "search" feature. For Canon lenses in particular, check here:

    and here:

    Enjoy. And please don't spend so much time reading that you forget to take pictures!

  3. thanks bill, great stuff!
  4. Not a blog but:

    Check out the tutorials and techniques sections
  5. I have hundreds of links in my Photography blog which you'll find interesting. I bought a Canon 20D a few months ago so I'm fanatically collecting Canon related tutorials!
  6. I know I am going to get flamed for saying this, but also check out Ken's way of thinking about things has been quite helpful to the way I think about photography. He has a Nikon bias, but also freely admits this to be the case.
  7. Photographer Neil Turner has a great PAGE that outlines the shots he captures for publishing. He describes his approach quite well, and uses Canon equipment for the most part too.
  8. I like Ken Rockwell and Luminous Landscape too. Most of my learning happened via Luminous Landscape and while I am writing this, I am reading something at LL on another browser wondow.
    I maintain a small list of links that could be useful for understanding digital photography. See
  9. Some great sites listed, here is another that will help. The site "Taking Your Camera on the Road" is packed with information on learning about nature photography. There is an entire book on the Basics of Nature Photography and Closeup Photography and a ton of other photographic techniques in the Learning Zone. For those interested in expanding their photography even more, to the point of actually "taking your camera on the road", there is a huge section in the Going Zone for going on the road.
  10. I may as well add my own to the list:

    It's aimed at professionals and serious amateur photographers, and deliberately steers clear
    of beginner topics and all the latest digicams to hit the market.

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