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  1. I am planning to create a website to post photos and blogs about our travels and other experiences. I have a bit of HTML experience but would hope to make it easier using a convenient template. The website would be about 50:50 text and photos. I've looked into Wix and Squarespace as starters. Squarespace looks like it could work but I'd like to find something a bit cheaper since I don't envision selling the photos. Any recommendations?
  2. I have a website that I haven’t touched in several years now. I still keep it because I might decide to resurrect it again when I have more time.

    The last few years I’ve been posting a few pictures to a blog. It’s so much easier than a website. I don’t get heavily into blogging as I’m not into the social media thing. I add to it for a few friends and relatives that read it from time to time. I think I must have at least 3 comments in the years I’ve been writing it. :)

    I use Blogger which I think is part of Google.


  3. I ended up going with Squarespace and the website is here ( Any comments, criticisms or suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
  4. I have numerous WordPress. Used to use Tumblr. Yahoo bot them and ruined it. Happy with WordPress.
  5. Nice website...enjoyed reading your northern Wisconsin experiences.
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  6. A good site and photos the qualitative. What camera did you use?
  7. Thanks gramm and g_richards. I ditched my DSLR, sacrificing resolution and IQ for weight. So now I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. See my comments on the "About" page
  8. Hi Tom, followed your link and enjoyed the pub crawl around Ireland:)
    Suggest you put the link on your PhotoNet profile page.
    Best regards GC.
  9. WordPress is suitable for creating a blog.
  10. @gerald Thanks! We had such a good time that I had hoped to repeat the experience this summer but of course that didn't happen. I was most impressed with Newgrange, which totally blew me away thinking about how those ancient Irish could build something like that. If you haven't visited, I highly recommend it.
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