Blinking light with battery charger, why?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by fanta, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I am charging a battery with the Canon CB-2LT charger (provided with Rebel
    XT/350D, Powershot S50, etc). The light on the charger was initially red, as
    expected, but after a few minutes it started blinking alternatively red and
    green. Does anybody know what it means?

    Accordingly to the Rebel XT manual, once the battery is charged, the light
    should be green. I have put the same battery on a different charger (still the
    Canon CB-2LT), and the light blinks alternatively red and green on that as
    well. Contrariwise, a different battery on those chargers does not bring about
    the same behavior. Any clue?
  2. One of my chargers is designed to blink red and green as the battery comes close to being fully charged. After a while, the light remains green. Have you tried just leaving the battery in and let it keep charging and flashing for a couple of hours to see if the light stops flashing?

    Just a thought: perhaps the battery is defective and won't accept a full charge.
  3. It turned out to be a battery malfunction. The vendor will replace it.

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