Blending a Selection

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robyn_geering|1, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Hi, I am using Photoshop 7, and the magnetic seletion tool to cut
    out a group of people out of a photo, and give them a new back
    ground. I am wondering if anyone could let me know how I can blend
    the selection onto the new background, so that it looks more
    believable. Many thanks for your help
  2. You need to be really good at selecting and masking. There are tools that will help, but basic knowledge is essential. "Photoshop Masking and Compositing" by Katrin Eismann is highly recommended.

    In the short term, you can copy the selection to a new layer, feather it (ctl-alt-d) by a few pixels to get rid of the hard outline and make the background for the selection transparent.
  3. What Edward said.
    Also, look here and here.

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