Black-tailed Hare a.k.a. Jackrabbit

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  1. [​IMG]
    Black-tailed Hare - Sacramento County, California
    Leicaflex SL2, 280mm f/2.8 APO-Telyt-R, 1.4x APO-Extender-R modified to fit Leicaflex
    I've been developing my approach technique. These BTHA are tough critters!! I certainly haven't perfected the technique with this species but I've seen some progress.
    Typically I'll stay outside the animal's fight/flight distance until it realizes I'm not a threat, then slowly approach, watching for signs of nervousness. The fight/flight distance, and the time it takes for the animal to become comfortable with my presence varies greatly and the hare's distance is generally a lot more than the visibility in it's typical habitat.
    Comments are always welcome.
  2. Doug, I guess when you show the black tail, we'll know you got close enough!

    Actually, I like this one as is. Seems very natural. Love (as usual) your OOF areas. The toning of the grass 'buds' with the rabbits colouring is particularly pleasing to my eye.

    Would love to get into really long tele-work myself, but financing it seems to be the first step.
  3. Those guys really like to hear a to; those *ears*! AWACS detection system. Can't begin to imagine the patience invested to get a shot like that. I really like the pale green you got here; refeshingly unvelvian.
  4. Damn it, Doug. Another one of your beautiful, carefully-planned exquisite nature photos. Leave us alone!
  5. Another great Hare from Herr. Thanks from this Hare.
  6. jtk

  7. Another vote for your hare, and better than my motionless Hare from here.
  8. jtk


    The worst meat I ever et was jackrabbit, cooked over mesquite in Texas. Pfaugh. Like anything else, I'd imagine it improves considerably with enough home grown red chili.

    They're easier to approach by blundering up to them than by stalking. Locate them with binoculars, identify the spot you want to get to, march over there casually. Jackrabbit's hardwiring tells it that someone being tentative and quiet is probably stalking.

    Jackrabbits squeal in distress. This doesn't draw help (what help can a jackrabbit offer), it draws predators: Mme Nature thinks there are more than enough jackrabbits.
  9. Hurrah for Herr's hare.
  10. Doug

    I like this shot a lot - full of tension, and I keep waiting for it to leap away to the right at the slightest provocation - Great picture !

  11. Doug Herr "the master of manual focusing".

    Up here where I live, I have plenty of these "long ears" around. Maybe I consume too much
    coffee but would not consider using anything but one of those VR lenses on my F5 with
    auto tracking auto firing auto everything. Probably still would not get such a fine sharp

    Thanks for your outstanding work!
  12. Outstanding, indeed! Yet another inspiring shot! Thanks a bunch!
  13. So where (Herr Herr) can I get an APO-extender-R "modified to fit Leicaflex"?
  14. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Andy, the modified 1.4x
    APO extender is my own work. The mod consists of replacing
    the R-only flange with a suitable Leicaflex-compatible flange. It
    still works exactly as before on R bodies (full meter and
    diaphragm coupling) and now it also can be used on
    Leicaflexes, with stop-down metering on the SL and SL2.
  15. Nice shot of my couzin Jack.

    Steve Easter Bunny

    A bare and a rabitt was settin in the woods next to each uther takin dumps. Bare sez to the rabitt, hey, do you have trubble with she-it stickin to you're fur? Nope sez the rabitt. Good sez the bare, picks up the rabitt an wipes his ay dubble ess.

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