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  1. Hello,
    I have a D300s and a 17-55mm lens. This combination (with or without the battery grip) is heavy and awkward with a traditional camera neck strap, and I was considering getting one of the quick straps for easier access and more comfort. Has anyone ever used the Black Rapid Straps? How about any other brands?
  2. I both use and recommend the Black Rapid Straps. I have used a few different ones, but have decided that I like the RS-Sport the best. I have not tried any of their double straps, but that may be something I try down the road.
    Great straps...used to use them with your exact use them with D700/24-70 or 70-200.
    I would suggest buying an extra FastenR-3 or two if you use the strap with any longer lenses with a tripod foot. Makes changing to a longer lens a snap. (Yes...use the FastenR on the tripod foot rather than on the body for better balance).
  3. Black Rapid is a good camera strap, but I use OP/TECH and happy with that brand.
  4. I like the BlackRapid strap even for a somewhat smaller Pentax K-7 + 17-70/4. I have the RS-5 with the extra storage but if i was doing it again I might opt for the RS-4 or -7 because while I like being able to store batteries and memory cards in the strap, I found the bulkier/heavier storage sometimes ended up sliding either back or forward from its ideal shoulder perch.
    I'm also using the FastenR-T1 to better allow my Manfrotto RC2 QR plate to be used in combination with the B-R strap.
    I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular camera straps--the BlackRapid strap really allows carrying the camera to be a hands-free exercise with much less fatigue except for occaisionally stabilizing it to prevent it from bumping into things like doorframes.
  5. +1 on the Blackrapid... I felt weird about paying $50 for a strap. Then after a couple months of using it I left it in a hotel and immediatly ordered a new one upon realizing it... no qualms whatsoever.
    I have a D300 and a range of lenses, I do find that when i have the grip on and am using the r strap that I don't like using the grip vertically as much but that is just me.
  6. Get UP STRAP. The rubber pad with multiple little rubber pins will cling to your cloth and the camera will not slip down your shoulder, except from plastic/nylon coats that have to fabric texture.
  7. Thanks! I'm going to order one of these today...likely the RS-7.
  8. The main problem with a BR is that it is so easy to remove, fi to put the cam on a tri-pod(I use a Manfrotto QR plate as connector) and some time and distance later you want to put the BR on the cam again and it is not laying next to you. I made it a habbit to connect the BR to my cam back when it comes of the camera.
  9. I also love my BlackRapid R-Strap. I would say that it is quite different from the UP Strap or the OP-Tech Strap, each
    of which is an improvement over the stock Nikon strap, but those straps are for carrying the camera in the same way -
    -- around your neck or over one shoulder. The R-Strap is entirely different, since it carries the camera across your
    body. This is inconvenient if you are often taking your camera on and off, and perhaps unnecessary if your camera rig
    is very light. For my D700, L-bracket, and moderately heavy lenses (1-2 lbs) a regular strap is fatiguing, but the R-
    Strap makes the weight disappear, while the camera is still at the ready. I have never gone back to a regular strap
    since using the R-strap.

    On the good suggestion of another poster on, I bought a 1" QR clamp made by Kirk and attached that to the
    end of my R-Strap, so I can leave my L-bracket attached permanently, and yet still remove the clamp quickly. The
    screw-type clamp has never worked its way loose, but you do have be careful that the clamp is engaged with the plate
    properly before moving it, just as with mating to a tripod. Before that, I screwed it in and out of the threaded hole on
    the bottom of my L-bracket. I have an older R-strap, and I think the model names have changed, but it is the one
    without any extra storage.
    This comparison is not in English, but seeing the photos comparing The Sun Sniper to Black Rapid, you can see the quality difference.
  11. I find the BR type strap to be a very good solution. I don`t use it but a similar one.
    BTW, to buy this straps seem to me like to buy, -instead of using a couple of books to raise a bed-, something like a "technologically and specially designed" box, patented, with stickers, and of course, an extremely useful bag for the slippers" ;)
    Simply buy a Kirk or Markins L-plate, attach a nylon ribbon to the provided-for-that-task ring, add a small carabiner (better with safelock) and a mountaneering sling (available in different lenghts and widths)... Voilà!
  12. So I assume BR has solved the problem of cameras spontaneously disconnecting themselves and hitting the pavement?
  13. I am very happy with the LumaLoop strap.
  14. The Black Rapid strap is very good, but I prefer one made by Sunsnipe, which has better swivels.
    In either case, the stap is long with a good shoulder pad. The length allows it to hang comfortably on you hip without putting excessive pressure on your neck. Unlike conventional straps, the camera slides on the strap, so you can use it without tangling or getting in the way.
    I use a D3 with a 70-200 VR a lot, and the strap allows me to carry it comfortably for hours at a time. A conventional strap (e.g., Op-Tech Pro) puts too much pressure on my neck, so I have to carry the camera in the crook of my elbow.

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