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  1. I am currently looking into aquiring a "Black Rapid R-Strap RS-Sports 2" to carry my Nikon D300s around.
    I will be attaching different lenses ( some heavier than others..) to this camera.

    Now for me it looks a bit scary to carry the camera with attached lens to just the tripod mounting point of the camera for longer periods at once.

    So i'd like to know about other experiences with these kinds of straps ( quick action straps or alike, so side carrying), and also which brand / version would you choose to carry a D300s with for instance a 85mm 1.4D lens, or 135mm F2 DC attached to it and why ?
  2. see Custom SLR
    I use a wrist strap for in-and-out-of-the-Domke-bag casual use, and this strap for carrying when I know I'll have the camera in hand for a longer period. Works great. I don't leave the lens and camera down at the end of the strap dangling very often - usually I cradle the lens in one hand. But when you need two hands the camera can be tucked behind safely.
  3. I've been using Black Rapid's strap for about 15 months - D3, with 24-70 and 70-200 lens. Often shoot on the move, walking to multiple locations. The strap performs flawlessly. If I could change anything, it would be to make a way to keep the shoulder pad up on my shoulder, but that's not a show stopper. I have the strap adjusted so that when the D3 is hanging at my side, it is exactly where my hand naturally meets the grip - I seldom let go of the camera while moving, but I do let the strap take the weight.
  4. Yeah, I'm with you. The tripod socket mounting scares me also so I opted for the Luma loop sling instead.
  5. I use a BR strap for years on a gripped D300 and now on a gripped D700 both with heavy lenses and never had a problem with the connection to the tripod socket, but I would never have trusted the (plastic) D200 grip to use with BR straps.
  6. I've used the Black Rapid RS-4 for almost two years and love it. I use it primarily with my D300, battery grip, and 17-55mm. I love the way it wraps the body/lens around my side. The tripod connection is rock solid, and I've never had any issues with it. I wouldn't let that be a factor in your decision-making process. I think you'd be better off considering other factors such as ergonomics, storage, and future expansion.
    One thing to consider is that it can be a pain if you're using a tripod but moving around quite a bit between shots. Having to remove/reattach the strap every time you want to use the tripod or move gets a little annoying.
  7. I have been using a Black Rapid RS-5 for over a year. Absolutely love it. I carry a D7000 with battery grip, and often a 70-300mm lens. No worries at all. I do guide it on my hip with one hand when I am in a crowd or hiking through brush. But it will easily carry the weight. I also often carry one of backpacks/sling bags over the strap. This is much more comfortable than a neck strap. I am actually going to order the DR-1 for when I want to carry both systems.
  8. I have been using the Black Rapid strap for two years. After seeing and hearing how much I enjoyed mine, my wife tried it and IMMEDIATELY ordered one for herself. The only thing I would do differently is I ordered a different plate (from marketcreative on eBay) so that I could mount the camera on a tripod without having to remove the plate, and by ALL means, order the under-the-arm strap (BRAD) so you can control the strap pad sliding down your back.
    I will guarantee that you will prefer it to using the neck strap.
  9. I've been using the BR strap for almost 3 years... on a D80(w/grip), D300 (w/grip), D700, F5 and FM2...

    I'm a huge fan of it for all the reasons discussed above. I will say however that I definitly have had issues with the tripod socket mount coming loose during carry. It is rare, and usually only after a very long time of not adjusting it but I came within a wisker of dumping my F5 one time and the D300 has seen it loosen up a couple times.
    Despite this, the convenience and comfort of the system makes it worth the risk. I check the tightness every time I think about it and definitly before I go out the door at a minimum. One plug for the FM2 with MD-12, the MD-12 has an offset tripod thread (under the shutter release essentially). This location makes the BR carry even better by allowing the camera to rest its back against my hip as opposed to on the side or with the lens which sometimes makes it swing and bounce around.
    I'm also love the strap mounted to the tripod bracket of the 80-200/2.8 zoom which also minimizes bouncing while moving with the strap. I'm interested in this kickstarter project I saw called the 'M Plate' which combines an arca swiss tripod mount, a manfrotto tripod mount and an offset tripod thread for an r-strap...
    The same company has their own R-strap like sling that might be worth investigating. Bottom line from my perspective is get it, you'll love it just don't let it lull you into not being diligent about checking the connnection!
  10. I've used BR straps for about two years now. I'm currently using the RS Sports 2 and it addresses the issue of the pad sliding off your shoulder by incorporating the BRAD into the strap design. By far, this is the most comfortable and stable BR strap.
    I've never worried about the connection to the tripod socket. On longer lenses (70-200mm VR, 300mm f/4, etc), just connect the strap to the tripod foot.
  11. I just realized that the M Plate is a project by the same people Douglas mentioned - CustomSLR...
  12. I like others here have used the BR strap for well over a year. Carrying my 24-70 and 70-200 both of which are very heavy and big. Never a problem with getting loose or anything else. I do keep my hand on or very near the camera, especially in crowds. When you use it and you have to sit it just plops in your lap. I wish that BR would give me a discount or something as I have shown and given my opinion to at least 20 fellow shooters and most of them have gone out and bought the BR.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  13. I prefer the sun sniper - feels more secure and the built-in shock absorber does actually help a bit. I've used it with a d3s + 300f/2.8 (in the tripod lug - bit naughty with ths lens!) and with a monopod hanging off the lens too, and also used it with a d3s + 70-200f/2.8 + Custom Brackets Digitial Pro-E + sb-900 (in a lug in the CB) + monopod again! I will often just let the sun sniper'ed camera hang loose behind me leaving both hands free either when shooting with a second body or running through crowds - if you get the adjustment right it will sit nicely and only need some steadying as you move.
    I hear pros prefer the sun sniper.
  14. Thank you all so much for your responses !!
    I'm currently also comparing to the Spider Pro system, utilizing a Spider Pro Belt..
    Advantage spider : still keep the tripod mount,
    Disadvantage Spider system, still need a strap to secure the camera when not dangling from the Holster system, and this cannot be a neckstrap for it is to short for that..
  15. I use the PAP Strap. It's a similar idea but is extremely good value. It can also hold a very heavy camera and lens combination without fear of it coming loose. I'll never go back to using a normal camera strap. My 5D2 and 70-200mm f2.8L swing from it nicely. It also takes the neck and back ache out of carrying heavy gear. I can now walk around with this combination all day long.
  16. My adult son talked me into buying a Black Rapid strap, and it's one of the best purchases I've made. It can't slip off your shoulder, and the long length minimizes the weight on your neck. It's the first strap I've used which is comfortable for hours with a heavy camera - a Nikon D3 - even with a 70-200/2.8 VR attached. I attach it to the camera, not the lens, because the lens hangs downward, out of the way, in that fashion.
    It's perfect for events or even walking in the woods. The camera attachment has never come loose, but I check it frequently anyway. It fastens to the base of a RRS L-bracket, and is easy to remove when using a tripod. I plan to use one with a rather large video camera (Canon XH-1A), possibly with a BR harness so I can carry a still camera (or two) at the same time.
  17. I have used the RS-4 BR strap for some time and I always felt the camera was very secure and the strap itself is very comfortable. The only negatives I have are having to remove the strap to attach to a tripod and the metal quick link scratching the camera body.
  18. The BR strap just saved me from damaging my Nikon 80-200 lens. I had the strap attached to the lens. Apparently I had not mounted the lens properly because while I was holding the camera body the lens detached. If it hadn't have been for the BR strap my expensive lens would have crashed to the cement path on which I was walking. As it was the lens just dangled very happily at the end of the strap. I'm probably going to buy another one so that I can carry two cameras at the same time.
  19. I'm a little paranoid about the mount, too. I use mine regularly, and when I do I find myself double checking it here and there. I found it very loose once; the camera on the verge of falling and since then I make sure it's snug. No problems ever since.
  20. To address Adlai's concern about a loose connection:
    Before mounting to your tripod socket, wet the rubber piece, then tighten until snug. As the water dries, it will create suction and make the FasterR stay in place.
    When using this method of attaching the FastenR to my tripod socket, I've never found it loose.
    To address the comment:
    I hear pros prefer the sun sniper
    I've shot at many events where there are slews of pro and amateur photographers. You're just as likely to see a Sun Sniper strap as you are a BR strap with pros and amateurs.
    Also Correction to my previous post. I'm using the RS Sport, not the RS Sport2. I like the thicker shoulder pad.
  21. Actually, I have a Sun Sniper strap. Compared to the Black Rapid, it has a better swivel and does not use a clip like the BR. The pad is larger and stays in place better. Clips have a nasty habit of getting turned around so that they release themselves. The BR is a good strap, but the Sun Sniper is better.
  22. OP/TECH makes a very nice shoulder harness rig that actually uses the strap lugs on your camera, so no worries about things coming loose. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I love mine.

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