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  1. I could not manage to enlarge your entries so it's difficult to judge or comment on the compositions from the tiny thumbnails in the link. But they did look interesting and creative so I gave you a 'like' ;)
  2. That' s very nice, thank you. And thanks for pointing that out. I was looking on my phone where they didn't appear so small, not realising they would appear so small on a bigger screen. I should probably invest some time in a proper website where the images can be seen in more detail. On my current website they are bigger but lack detail also. Cheers!
  3. Hi Julien (@j_s|5),

    I viewed your 'Black Holes' series on your website. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that these photo's 'lack detail'. They certainly gave me a much better impression than the 4 'thumbnails' on The Emerging Photography Awards page. I'm also really glad that I viewed the series as a whole, rather than just the 4 photos that you submitted. It took me multiple views of the complete series to better understand (I believe ;)) and appreciate what the series was about. And how this related to your 'artistic statement' on this series.

    FWIW, this series made a real impact on me. There are indeed 'black holes' almost everywhere. Your series made me think of a couple of 'black holes' in the place I grew up in. And in the country I live in now, too. Far be it from me to second-guess your artistic intention. But I really like the way you juxtapose the 'humanity' and especially the 'vulnerability' of naked women against the usually 'unforgiving' stark character of the 'black holes' that you included in this series. Without the models, the photos would have been sterile. I really appreciated viewing a 'body of work' on this theme and I'm looking forward to viewing more of your work.

    Best wishes,


    PS. For those viewing Julien's site, from the screen showing the 1st 2 foto's, use the right-arrow key to step through the photos. Alternatively, click and drag the cursor 'hand' from right to left. Left arrow key and dragging 'hand' from left to right works as you'd expect.
  4. @j_s|5: I should add that I find other series on your website much too focused on (semi-)nude photos.

  5. Hi Mike, thanks for your elaborate feedback. Indeed, they are everywhere these black holes. I've tried to take some more apparent ones as backdrops for this series, as the thematic as such is already hard to grasp. I didn't want to further complicate conveying a message by photographing something literally invisible. In this case I took landscapes altered by the first and second world war as locations and as a reminder or symbol of a dramatic experience in the past, that can be felt in the present, whilst over time becoming ever more invisible to the eye.

    And thanks for having had a look at the other series as well. The other series were experiments with portrait photography. A category in photography that I truly love but with which I've always struggled a bit. I applied a completely different way of working there in my attempts at portraits during my academic period. The series in Paris is the odd one out as it was an attempt at capturing a somewhat cliche sensual parisian vibe. An exercise to get away from the deeper heavier topics or the more complicated (for me) portrait photography.

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