black graflex speed graflex question

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  1. theres one on e bay that got my attention being sold in the UK
    the thing is it has no markings on it that military cameras should have.
    Did all the black versions get used by the military in WW2 or is it a civilian version
    All help welcome
    regards Andrew
  2. In "The All-American Cameras - a review of Graflex" Paine says that during WW-II all Graphics were all black. He speculates that the metal work was painted rather than chrome plated because of unavailability of chromium for all but essential uses.
  3. I tried to find the listing but couldn't. My pre-war, about 1933, was gun metal grey and black, no shiny metal at all.
  4. guys thanks for all your comments
    regards Andrew
  5. Late to the party but:
    Graflex switched to an all-black trim for the anniversary SGs in the 1942-43.
    Yes, you can find civilian ones with black trim.

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