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  1. On the first few frames of a roll, the negs show very intermittent , very very thin black line at the very
    edge of the neg (outside the sprocket holes). This is present only at the very edge of the first few
    frames and then disappears. The negs otherwise look very nice. (This is about the tenth roll I've
    developed - all Tri-X in D-76).

    It appears to be tiny areas where the neg was exposed only at the very edge. But how could that be?

    This is a completely inconsequential issue for this roll of negs, but I want to figure out if I've got a
    problem somewhere that could get consequential.

    Any suggestions?


    Jeff Glass
  2. Probably nothing more than a little bit of light piping down the edge of the film. It happens if you load the camera in bright light. It doesn't often cause a problem unless it bothers you. Rarely does it intrude into the image area.
  3. Thanks very much for your quick answer. I was hoping it was not a problem.

    I got to mention that on the same roll on one negative there is a very bright highlight that
    is virtually black and the very edges of that highlight appear to have bled over the edge of
    the image area leaving a faint shadow outside the frame.

  4. It is getting light struck in the darkroom or camera. Take the camera in dark room and shine a penlight from various angles.

    My wife spotted the 111f light leak that way which is now repaired.

    Suspect old foam seals first around the camera back. If old and crumbly or stiff, replace them.
  5. The OP claims this is only happening on the first few frames of a 35mm cassette. If this were happening at intervals along the entire length of the film, I'd suspect a light leak too.

    It's normal for a very bright highlight to bleed, even with the best of anti halation technology. If the highlight is near the edge of the frame, it will bleed over the edge. Just another case of light piping through the support. The film has no idea where the edges of the frame are.
  6. Frank:
    I can understand the bleeding highlight. It's those super thin black lines along (parallel
    with) the very edge of the film at intervals on the first three frames that I don't get. As you
    say, it's not all along the roll.

    Thanks for your help.

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