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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by josh1, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Anyone think the black digital rebel will be available in the U.S.?
    I've been thinking about getting a rebel, but will wait if there's a
    possibility of getting a black one. I hate the finish of the current
    silver ones.

    Here's the link for the article.
  2. I don't remember where I read it, but I heard the quality of photos from Japan immediately doubled upon introduction of this version. I hope the same happens here.
  3. I, for one, can't wait until they introduce a silver version of the 10d!
  4. If being black says anything about a camera, then the DRebel doesn't disserve to be it.
  5. The silver look of the 300D originally bothered me too, but as soon as I actually owned one, it no longer bothered me. For whatever reason the color isn’t nearly as aesthetically offensive when you start using it to take photographs. ;-)
  6. The biggest addition of the japanese of Drebel is that USM kit lens. Heck, Canon has long tradition of selling stripped down versions in US. So prolly we will not be able to see it. I don't believe the picture quality changed in the black version coz it uses everything same except for the interior.
  7. It's just a micro USM, not a ring USM. Not really worth lusting over.
  8. Chuck Westfall stated that Canon has no plan to bring the black DRebel to the US.
  9. "I, for one, can't wait until they introduce a silver version of the 10d!"

    I wouldn't give my left nut, but I'd buy another 10D if it came in a bare metal finish. I'm not fond of black cameras. Too darkside and teenage gothic for my tastes. Besides, lighter colors keep cooler in the tropical sun where I do most of my shooting.

    Incidentally, the only way to get a black Drebel is to buy a gray market Digital Kiss. Would you really want a camera called the Kiss? I wonder if the red lips logo is still on the front of all Japan Kiss series bodies?
  10. Many thanks to Alan and Suman as they are the only people who actually attempted to answer my question. I didn't ask all of you who already own 300D's how you like the color of your camera and I wasn't asking for all the smart aleck remarks about how the friggin picture quality is gonna be different with a black version. For someone, who doesn't own the camera yet, I don't see why the color of the camera (if there is an option) should not be a consideration. Does the color of your car change how it drives? Of course not, but its still something you consider when buying, right? Why do all the reviews of the 300D give some sort of description of the finish, when in reality, it makes no difference in using the tool? Look, this is even taken from Mr. Atkins review of the camera,

    " I don't much like the silver body...."

    Obviously, it matters to some people, and I would simply like to know if I'm going to have the choice between finishes. Just answer the question people. Thanks to those who were helpful...
  11. Josh
    I bought my car just looking at the brand, price tag and mileage; never mind, it looks pretty sick. However, black version of Drebel surely looks much better and kinda pro like. Silver metallic finish of Drebel is more like Target grade use-n-throw types.
    Thanks Bob for your addendum on USM.
  12. " Just answer the question people. "

    Yeee haaa Josh, you're riding high in the saddle tonight. This is a forum, not a customer service department! If you desire customer service, call Canon. They're the only folks with any possibility of knowing the answer to your question. Everyone else is just spinning fantasies or jerking your chain. Furthermore, when posting on a forum, don't expect everyone to say "yes master" and service your every command. Instead, expect a healthy helping of divergent opinions, humor, pure BS and, hopefully, helpful information. I must say our mix of gear geeks, digital nazis, film buffs, pixel peepers, smart asses, shooters, art farts, greenhorns, et al., make this an dadburn interesting forum. We're all here to have fun and shoot the breeze about Canon gear...
  13. " Just answer the question people. "
    hear hear Puppy face I`ve only watched the forums a short time and they helped me a lot as a pro I use black for fun silver why not blue or red cams a bit of BS and smartass makes it more enjoyable thanks
  14. How about a body painted to match the color of Canon's long L lenses?
  15. I'd take the 1D Mk II in any colour, including purple with orange striping if it came with a discount. That damn price is really bugging me.....

    Happy shooting ,
  16. Yes Puppy I have to agree on this. Josh you need to take some chill pills and go and get some humour transplanted into you. For a pretty lame question you got some pretty lame replies - sounds fair to me.

    Anyway why aren't you looking at a real DSLR - try the Nikon D70 before you decide anything.
  17. Ok ok, sorry to be so pissy. I guess I was just in a mood for a straight answer that night. Anyways, thnx for "all" the responses. Guess I will have to just wait and see about the whole black rebel thing. I'm beginning to think maybe I'll just wait for Canon's next offering, and buy a film scanner to get me by.

    Yes, I would agree that the Nikon D70 certainly looks like a whole lot more camera for another 100 bucks over the rebel. However, I already own quite a few Canon lenses (that I like) as well as a couple film bodies that I won't be getting rid of right away. I bought into the Canon "system" not just a camera. If I don't like what DSLR's Canon is offering now, all I have to do is wait about a year...they will be replaced I'm sure.

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