Birthday of Creation

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  1. Archbishop Ussher determined that the creation took place on 4004 BC, October 23, and depending, roughly at 9AM.
    (this is close to start of the fall term at Oxford).

    So in honor of this birthday, I actually got out in my roadster and went down to Giant City Park, my first real photo outing in 9 months.
    The best color in our Oak-Hickory Forest ecco system only rarely has the brilliance of the Northeast. Now it has settled down into nice yellows and russet (doesn't russet sound better than brown?).
    under story still has some brilliance​
  2. Sun3_web0.jpg
    'Let there be light....'
  3. 0141a Eclipse Luna-NAFS70-300VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 70-300 G ED (300) on DX
  4. The Primordial Soup

  5. The first man fresh out of the glacier...

    Canon Powershot G11
  6. And creation begets creation
    captivated by the light bw.jpg

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