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  1. I would like to recieve a printed magazine about bird or nature
    photography one's in a month or so with content about camera's,
    films, digital photographing, bird photographing destinations etc.
    I allready own Arthur Morris book: "The Art of Bird Photography"
    which is very good but doesn't tell you anything about good
    destinations, nor digital photography / newest films. If the
    magazine I refer to exists, please let me know.
  2. Don't know where you live, but in Europe there is a great monthly magazine called "Naturfoto". It is printed in Germany, in the german laguage and since about a year they have increased the price significantly. But It is really outstanding and has all you asked for.
  3. I have not heard of a magazine like the one you are looking for in the US. However, a good starting point for locations would be the National Geographic guides to birding. Or you could join the local Audubon Society or a photography club in your area where most probably, other photographers will share their photography knowledge and locations.

  4. There is a number of *books* on bird photography, but I am not aware of any *magazine* on the subject and doubt it is broad enough and has large enough potential audience to sustain regular magazine. There are some birding magazines, though.

    As for nature photography magazines, you can check out "Outdoor Photography" magazine published in UK (not to be confused with US "Outdoor Photographer" that is nowhere on a par with UK publication). One of recent issues, by the way, was dedicated to bird photograpy.

    Also, Morris book *does* tell about quite a number of destinations. There is whole chapter on it somewhere at the end of the book.

    As for the newest films (and other technical trivia), at least in the slide films department possible choice for the application is quite narrow and well-known (as well as coming updates), so I guess there is not really much to write about...
  5. Try these two, first is online magazine, and second I usually get at a great local news stand.

    Phillip deZwarte
  6. I had never heard or seen the magazine that Philip recommended...Nature Photographer Magazine. But having looked up the URL he gave, I have to say that the magazine looks quite interesting to me and I am tempted to try a subscription since I have never seen at at newsstands. Anyone else out there read this and have opinions as to the quality of the publication?
  7. Hi Ken, I would have to agree with Sergey and recommend Outdoor Photography (the U.K. magazine). It is an excellent all round nature photography publication with technique articles, equipment reviews (including hiking gear!) as well as location articles. The only drawback is that it is geared specifically to the UK market so most of the locations are in and around the UK mainland. They do however occasionally do location from further afield.

    With regard to bird photography specifically there is at least one article per month by the excellent Steve Young, as well as contributions by other established British nature photographers.

    With regards to the Art Morris book (very good), I have that also but I thought that it had several locations desciribed at the back (at least in my edition). They were all american places though.

    Anyway, that's about all i can think of at the moment. As I said, I get Outdoor Photography and find it excellent for getting ideas (even though I live in Ireland). You could supplement that by contacting any national (or regional) birdwatcher groups and ask them for suggestion. I know that groups like the RSPB in Britain used to have staff photographers like Chris Gommersall (an excellent bird photographer) and so should be able to direct interested photgraphers to good locations (with the best interests of the wildlife at heart of course).

    Hope any or all of that was a help.

    Good luck, GEAROID

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