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  1. Hi all, please could anyone post a photo of Billingham M combination
    bag interior? I've searched the net, but found only few information
    and no info about inner space, real dimensions, type of opening under
    the main flap etc., so any picture of it would help me. Thank you in
    advance. Jakub
  2. Take a look at this.
  3. ...and this one.
  4. I was interested in the Billingham M Combination bag but found the L2 to be a little more what I wanted. They're quite similar in most ways, but the L2 has a larger top opening, segments the interior with a rear and front pocket on both sides of the main compartment, and dispenses with zipper closure on the front pocket. The L2's top flap has more extensive gusseting for weather.

    Here's a chart I did of similar bags' sizings that I was interested in (prices from B&H Photo):


    The Domke F5XB has more volume by the dimensions, but the L2 in reality is a roomier bag. The M Combination Bag is about the same as the L2 on roominess, but a little tighter to get stuff in and out of.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Bert....Could you tell us roughly what the inside and outside dimensions are of the
    Combination Bag? I'm looking for something a little smaller than the Hadley Pro. Thanks.
  6. Looks like Godfrey read my mind. :)
  7. Michael,<br>

    The photos were available online @ for a short period of time. I don't have one, so can't tell you its measurements. I currently use a Hadley Original for one M6, four lenses a flash and stuff.
    Why not take a look at the Hadley Small?<br>
    Exterior Dimensions: 11-1/8 x 4-5/8 x 8-1/8" (290 x 120 x 210mm)(WDH)<br>
    Interior Dimensions: 10 x 2.75 x 7-1/8" (260 x 70 x 185mm)(WDH)
  8. The Billy Hadleys are very nice too!

    The Hadleys' form factor is much like the Domke F803 Camera Satchel, which I love for
    when I'm carrying somewhat more gear but is best suited to relatively slender camera
    bodies. I find it a little clumsy to use for cameras larger than the Leica M and a modest
    lens, no external viewfinder, where something like the L2 is a bit more flexible and
    appropriate for a wider range of cameras (including my choice of SLR or fixed lens
    'prosumer' digicam).

  9. Thanks! All very helpful.
  10. Thank you all very much. I currently use F803 which is perfect, but sometimes I need something more compact for only M with lens and several rolls of film + wallet, cell phone etc. Once again thank you.
  11. I saw this thread on Billingham bags for Leica M, which I thought might help me out with some comments.

    I'm looking myself for a bag for a couple of M bodies and 3 or 4 lenses, some film and filters.

    I only want it for the Leica M as I have nice Lowepro bags for EOS and MF gear.

    I looked at Billingham Leica type bag but found it too compact and I want to avoid the squarer / wider bag style.

    So I am considering a Billingham Hadley Pro (like the handle on the top) versus a Domke F803 (or canvas J version). Their dimensions and shape are similar. I prefer the "narrow" bag style for ease of street shooting in crowds and general versatility.

    It is hard for me to get hands on with samples because Domke does not seem to be sold here in Australia and Billingham has one useless distributor that is a single store retail shop and holds very little stock (what a great way to sell kit!!!).

    Has anyone a view on these? I wondered if the Domke balistic nylon is more versatile and durable, but the canvas has a nice natural look that may age well. Is the Domke canvas of good quality? Yes, I understand Billingham is more expensive, but first I want to decide on what I'd prefer.

    Thanks for any comments.
  12. All,

    Is it possible to fit two M6s with mounted lens on each camera into M Combination bag?

  13. I have an M bag but its too compact, I cannot get
    1. M8 with 50
    2. M6 with 35
    3. 90 lens
    4. 28 lens all into the bag. I could do with just 1 body and the lenses well packed. You will struggle to take stuff in and out. I am
    contemplating on changing to the Hadley PRO.
  14. Godfrey, Thanks for the grid, I can see I'm not the only retentive person here!

    I did a similar grid such as yours, but also added another column with price divided by volume, just to get an idea of the cost per cubic inch/cm. The Domke bags are really good value, but as they say, there is a big difference between knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    I have over a dozen bags, mostly Domkes, but thankfully one woman's bag costs more than all of them combined, so my wife is appeased.
  15. Pther than $100, what is the difference between the Billingham M Combination and the Billingham L2? Anyone know?

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