Bill Gibson dies.

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  1. William Gibson, who maintained an account on, has died at the age of sixty-four. I had last seen him on Facebook last year, while he was awaiting a possible kidney transplant. From his Flickr account, I found out that he did get the transplant last fall but died in March of this year.

    His account was at one point under various user names, including simply "William Gibson" and (I believe) William J. Gibson. Some of you may remember him and his photos, which were often made in rural areas of Ontario.

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  2. I recall Bill was ill for quite some time. Thanks for the update, Lannie.

    RIP - gib |
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  3. Here are some of Bill's last tweets:

    Last year he was still snapping photos even as they wheeled him into and out of dialysis.

  4. Bill's tweets give us a photographic account of his creative pursuits over the last months and even years. Some are really quite good, and he had always used the self-portrait to good advantage before he took to narrating about his physical and mental states.

    Here is something he posted earlier on Wordpress.

    I am sorry that I cannot find any link to his page on I'm not sure which he name he used when he last posted here. Perhaps someone might remember.

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  5. Here is one of his more memorable photos, as seen here on Flickr. If it is still on, I cannot find it.

    HERE is his photo stream on Flickr.

    HERE are his albums.

  6. It's in Michael Chang's post right after RIP.

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