big lens + d60 + crop factor 1.5 = wow

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by memphis1, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. just got an old tamron 500mm mirror adaptall lens with a 2x teleconverter with nikon mount and leica mount
    i put my new toy on the d60 and mounted on the tripod... we're talking roughly 1500mm here... still trying my technique and going to use this for shooting lunar pics....
    the shake is my biggest fear... but wow ... it's an impressive looking deal... pics to come soon
  2. first test shot......
    still working on getting this configuration working with no camera shake...

    tripod, iso 100, tamron 500mm mirror lens with 2 x converter with a camera that has a 1.5 crop factor... that makes this roughly a 1500mm lens this is some serious lens capacity... it shakes like a heroin addict going through scratch that... it shakes like michael j fox....

    but nonetheless, check out the lunar craters -- just shot this

  3. I know the D60's sensor is not too great at high ISO, but you might get better results if you raise it to, about 400 or even 800, so you can raise the shutter speed and, if you want a lighter moon, the exposure.
    it shakes like michael j fox....
    That's unfair. Michael J. Fox can't help his shaking, it's the result of a terrible disease, but possibly you could, by applying intelligent technique, and maybe using a better tripod and head.
  4. i have a really good slik brand tripod....
    am playing with the setup, it's a big ole lens and for the shot i had to have the tripod stems and neck raised to high ---
    it's just gonna take some experimentation to get my technique down ---- with the 2x teleconverter, I'm losing a lot of light
  5. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Wow, a Nikon D60, an old 500mm mirror lens and a slik tripod. That is impressive! The photo of the moon is almost in focus, CA isn't too bad and the exposure probably isn't off by more than a stop or two and the composition is...well it is a composition. Will you be entering this in any competitions soon?
  6. Keep the tripod's vertical mast down. Consider weighing things down to stabilize, and - as Hector mentions - giving up a tiny bit of high ISO noise in favor of a higher shutter speed. Were you using the self timer to avoid physically pressing the shutter release at the time of exposure?
  7. Ray, that is hilarious!
  8. Without knowing the shutter speed, maybe it's Lunar movement?
    If you've got a strong enough tripod +head, put a 2LB bean-bag on top of the point above the head, probably where the lens joins the body and use the self timer. Some tripods allow you to hang weights from beneath as well. More mass = more damping.
    If you feel the camera is still moving from the shutter release or mirror-flip, use the very old method of using, say, a 4 second exposure with a black card shading the lens for the first 2 seconds and then whip it out of the way for the last 2.
    Make sure not to touch the set-up...that big magnification works on camera shake as well as the Moon!)
    " .........and for the shot i had to have the tripod stems and neck raised too hig..........." maybe go somewhere where you can see it from about 3ft up, and sit on the floor next to it?
    Ray. Too much or too little coffee today.....? :)
  9. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    I am not sure the OP would appreciate Ray's comments.
    However, the problem is indeed that regardless of how great your tripod/support maybe, addinga a 2x TC onto a 500mm mirror lens is not going to yield very good image quality. Years ago, I used to have the Nikon 500mm/f8 reflex lens and it was difficult enouth to get good images on the F4; adding a 2x TC is not exactly making it easy. The D60 has no live view, but on a body with that feature, live view may help focusing, but you probably will never get an image that can be loosely considered sharp.
    With that find of focal length, essentially you need to use two tripods to stop vibration, one tripod for the lens and one tripod for the body. Needless to say, that would be a pain to use. And with a 500mm mirror lens + 2X TC, I doubt that using two tripods would help much.
  10. I do believe we're feeding a troll here.
  11. So, ray
    Suck it, you jerkwipe. You don't need to be an ass

    Everybody else. Thanks

    I'm gonna try some of the helpful suggestions.
  12. And just to clarify, I wasn't referring to Ray.
  13. And just to clarify, I wasn't referring to Ray.​
    Yeah... I just got that...
    Adding a 2X teleconverter to a mirror lens? Wow. Well, any mirror lens I ever tried to use wasn't worth bothering with... ymmv of course, but I think it's wasted effort.
  14. Some of you folks seem a little testy here. Blake has been a PN member for 6 years. I'm really disappointed at some of these responses. This is not the PN to which I'm accustomed. How many of us have tried something new just to see how it works out?
    I'm curious to see if Blake can get this rig working a little better.
    I'm going to get my coffee now.
  15. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    While I am not sure exactly who Mark is referring to, perhaps includine me? But I agree with him. The OP Blake Billings has been a member for almost 6 years:
    Blake is trying something new, and I think we should give anyone who has been a member for so long the benefit of the doubt. Given my poor experience with a Nikon 500mm/f8 mirror lens, I don't think Blake's attempt will yield very satisfactory results, but he certainly has the right to try it and perhaps his expectations are not that high.
  16. After reading a few of Blake's previous posts, I think I may have been too quick with calling troll. But in my defense, "it shakes like a heroin addict going through scratch that... it shakes like michael j fox..." and, "So, ray ... Suck it, you jerkwipe." are comments that don't give me the best of impressions. And him needing to have his tripod fully extended seemed kind of ridiculous.
    So in an attempt to redeem myself, here's my advice for your set-up Blake. First off, the make sure your lens/teleconverter/camera assembly is rock solid, no play what so ever. If it isn't figure out how to firm it up, sometimes a shim made out of sturdy paper put in the right place can be enough. Next, at that focal length, your not only fighting low frequency vibrations (wind, pressing the shutter release, etc.) but also higher frequency ones that you wouldn't even notice at "normal" focal lengths. A good way to dampen those higher frequency vibrations is by adding mass to the camera/lens assembly. I would see if you can find a thick metal plate and drill a 1/4" hole through it and find the right kind of screw at a hardware store and mount the camera to the plate. And then either mount the plate to the tripod head or even better find a solid post (electrical pole for example) and clamp the plate to that. That way you truly have a rock solid mount. And then use mirror lock up and a remote shutter release. That way there should be next to no vibration in the whole set-up.
  17. the lens was cheap -- appreciate the kind words... no, my expectations are not high... the moon was at a weird angle last night and it was not fun --- i'm trying it because it's there...i've always wanted to try a mirror lens ----
    the setup is brutal -- might drop the teleconverter and try it with just the lens... there are posts elsewhere that said the 500 mirror adaptall is a decent lens.... i think i might just be losing so much light with the 2 x teleconverter.... usually don't use lenses anywhere near this long
    now, seigfried, that's ok -- i'm going to try your tips... i noticed last night that the slight wind was even causing some movement -- it's not an easy lens to shoot with.... but i certainly can't afford the high end stuff right now ... have too much time and money invested in my leica gear.... the d60 does what i need....
  18. the teleconverter was most of the issue took some shots tonight... easier to control, a hair more light (2 stops)
    am editing now.... the lens is very passable...
    going to also try it on my f4s
    thanks for the genuine help
  19. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Mike, yeah probably a bit too much coffee. I apologize to for being snarky. For the last 8 years I have been a caregiver to my wife who is in the late stages of Parkinson's disease and had just spent about 4 hours getting her comfortable and to bed. So, Blake's comment per Michael J. Fox touched a nerve. My comments were the nicest way at the time to let him know what I thought of his puffed up attitude (wow!) on his equipment and photo result. Blake, I invite you to visit the Michale J. Fox Foundation site and educate yourself while also discovering the great strides made in just the last few years due partly to the huge contributions made by the foundation. I'll try to bite my keyboard next hindsight I was just as insensitive to Blake's attempts as he with his comment. OK, now for some decaf.
  20. Ray. I fully understand.
    I work in the medical field and have
    personally lost my brother to als
  21. in some cultures, "suck it you jerkwipe" is a term of endearment. no, just kidding. obviously camera shake and diminished IQ are going to be factors with that set-up. but i appreciate Blake's willingness to experiment, as well as the fact he shared his results. obviously, with a lens that big, any camera shake can result in excessive vibrations, so anything from a sandbag/counterweight to a cable release/remote should be considered.
    Blake, please do post more pics and let us know how this works out for you.

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