BIG camera traveling around USA

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    I couldn't find exactly the right forum, so here is where ended up to get people interested in the story. I didn't see any previous posts when I did a search, but if it was covered before, please forgive me.
    Yesterday I saw a newsclip of this photographer and his giant camera as he described his documentary project and expected results. I was blown away with the camera itself and the early results, which will will eventually be exhibited. Have fun as you go thru this newsclip and see what's achievable with film.
  2. I like his $50,000 sitting fee. Wouldn't have to get too many bookings to make a nice living at that rate. Maybe a new business model to pursue. :)
  3. Where does he get film that wide?
  4. grh


    What, we can't see eyelashes and pores with reasonably configured digital cameras? And where are you going to hang a 2.5 story image in your home?
    Meh. Nothing like a gimmick.
  5. The negatives shown in the video were made with the camera obscura built into his Chicago studio, also shown in the video.
    The really nice looking giant Derdorff-on-a- trailer is a CGI rendering of what he might build if he can get a foreign-aid sized grant from . . . someone.
    I cannot imagine that this project will move out of the studio.

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