Big basketball game to shoot tonight - no D5 to shoot it with

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by andy_chubb, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Got a big once-a-year basketball game tonight and was looking forward to trying out a D5 in the badly-lit hall.
    However, I am left disappointed that there's still no sign of D5s in the UK a week after they started arriving in Ireland and Italy at least. Is it the same elsewhere or just poor old Blighty that has to wait? Has Nikon got it's shipping in a twist? The dealer is still saying that they're expected by the end of the month...
  2. Andy, sorry you won't have yours in time for the basketball game. I am in the U.S. and mine will be delivered this afternoon. Most here were shipped last Friday or yesterday. I've also read that some in Canada were received late last week. What did you guys do to tick off Nikon? :)
  3. Barry, thanks. Perhaps they are saving the really good ones for us!?! I managed tonight with the trusty old D700 again but it's a bit grainy at ISO 6400. There's always next year....
    Come on Nikon...
  4. Basketball is played in the UK? Really? I thought you chaps only cared about cricket and football (the kind played in shorts, not knickers).
  5. Hi Andy,
    New member here & first post. Ordered my D5 Jan 28th and still waiting. I am disappointed by the lack of communication from my dealer considering I have two big lenses ordered with D5 and I was originally led to believe I would have my camera March 24. I made work decisions around this and, like you, have events coming up fast!
  6. Jon, be fair we might manage a match against a Canada team featuring Bart Simpson. It's too cold and dark still for cricket.
    Just seen the post from someone who didn't get the xqd freebies in their box. Not good - I'm not planning on buying any extra xqd stuff yet so will be relying on what is in the box.
    Some more bball and darts and snooker coming up - all indoors - so waiting on that email from the supplier.
  7. Andy, there was some confusion apparently between Nikon and my dealer as far as the free card and reader. This has been resolved and they are in transit.

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