BEWI Zoom Spot Light Meter

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  1. Hi, Anyone have experience with this meter? I've checked the archives, but can't find any mention of it. Picture attached. It's a .jpg so I hope is will show. Thanks.
  2. Steve,

    I owned one for years. Sold it 5-6 years agp. Operation is straightforward. Any specific questions? I bought it used in the mid 80's and never saw another.
  3. Hi,

    I just fot one and looking for a manual or something like that. Just played with it and I think I understand the meter. I will check it against my Minolta X700.

    Keep me posted please!

  4. Hi,

    I have one at a shop for 179 euros... since I cant afford
    the minolta (400) i was keen to know what your experience
    with the meter has been?


  5. We were the last U.S. distributor for Bewi and this meter prior to Bertram Bros. (the
    manufacturer) going out of business in the early 80s. We may be able to answer your
    questions, although we have not had one to play with since the mid 80s.
  6. Can you tell me if this has a voltage compensation circuit - I believe this meter was originally designed for mercury cells running 1.35v (x 2)- so is there compensation for modern 1.5v cells?
  7. Hi Steve,

    I finally got one 10 years ago after a long search, because production ceased after a short time in the beginning '80ies -- the BERTRAM firm moved and is now producing other instruments and meters for industry clients. To investigate all details of the Spot Meter I succeeded in speaking with of the Bertram brothers and with the constructor, too. Important message for all users, because the 2x PX 27 cells are not available anymore: This meter has a circuit compensation! You can insert 4x CR1/3N or 8x SR44 cells.
    In case of any question don't hesitate to drop me some lines, I still have an instruction manual.

    Best regards

  8. I just inherited one of these Bewi Zoom-Spots, anyone know where I can get a copy of the manual in English? I have searched and know there are pay sites but if it is downloadable somewhere a link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hi Timothy,
    do you need a manual anymore? I have one in German, translation wouldn't be impossible.... If you want a scan of it, please drop me a line --->
  10. If anyone should come across this thread and needs the English section of the BEWI Spot Zoom manual, I have scanned it and can send it in whatever format (PDF, JPEG, Word, etc.) you want. This is not fake. I purchased the manual years ago on eBay and decided that there were sufficient requests to stop the ridiculous charges that some were making for reprints. Contact me through the internal system for privacy and safety.
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