Beware spoofed emails using familiar member names

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by lex_jenkins, May 28, 2014.

  1. Just a reminder to watch for spoofed emails. These usually contain malicious links. Opening the email is usually safe (though some may contain some method of tracking or viewing confirmation) but don't click on any links.
    I've received a few that appear to be from members but there are the usual tipoffs:
    • The sender's email addresses don't match those of known photo.netters.
    • The link is accompanied by a very brief comment that doesn't sound like the person's familiar style, or there is no accompanying comment at all.
    • In a few cases the spoofed emails appear to be coming from the member's real email address, but checking the email source (this method varies depending on your email service) reveals the email actually came from Russia, China, India, etc.
    Presumably the names have been harvested from's publicly visible membership roster. I know of a few members whose actual email accounts have been hacked over the years and it's possible some mail lists were harvested as well.
    Again, don't click those links on suspicious emails. This is the typical route for malware infections and ransomware attacks.
  2. So that explains that strange email from you, Lex.
    I wondered.

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