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    Does anyone know if the two close-up devices BEVOR and BEYOO are identical (was
    the BEVOR renamed BEYOO later on in the 30's?) - and if not what are the
    differences between the two?
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    Sorry..that should be BEVOR and BEOOY.
  3. I don't have my references ready at hand but I believe they were essentially the same function. They required supplementary lenses. The later BEHOO was similar in function but did not require the lens supplements. The focusing adjustments were made in the clamping ring and the legs so that the prime lens could be used for better rendition. If you can access a copy of the LEICA ACCESSORY GUIDE by Hove Collector Books you can get a more definite explanation of the differences.
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    Dan, thanks. I got the supplementary lenses (ELPIK and ELPRO) - just looking for the clamp-on device (BEOOY) now :)
    I got somewhat confused when reading through two versions of Leit's "Auxiliary Reproduction Devices" when the contraption was referred to as BEVOR in the 1932 edition and "BEOOY" in the 1939 edition.
    I wrote a little something about this here if you're interested to see what I was able to find out (if you see any factual errors do let me know).

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  5. RICH: According to the Leica Accessory Guide the BEOOY superceded the BEVOR. I have a Universal Clamping Ring (36mm) that has 16 bushes, the extra four marked with a "V" (?) or something similar. It came to me with a bunch of other miscellany and not noticing the extra bushes I tossed it in the box with my BEHOO (12 bushes), only discovering the difference upon reading your post. I have no other references than the Laney's LAG so I have no explanation for the extra holes. I have been unable to identify its place in the realm of close-up devices. It is surplus to my needs and if it fits yours, you are welcome to it for the shipping cost. Let me know if it makes sense to you. Dan
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    Dan, thanks for digging out that piece of information.
    If the BEOOY 'kit' I put a bid in turns out to have the wrong clamp-on hood (which I sort of fear it does) I will be more than happy to take you up on your kind offer.

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  7. I just re-examined the clamping ring in question and screwed legs into the bushes marked with a figure resembling a V. The legs in this position spread wider than in those with ratio marks. The illustration of the clamp ring on the Auxiliary Setting Devices brochure (12 4 Engl) shows these four extra bushes though the actual ring that the brochure accompanied omits them. It was not unusual for Leitz to employ older catalog cuts for more current items so I don't accord it much import. However, it does raise the issue as to whether the earlier ring WITH the extra bushes was a dual purpose item, designed to be used with the earlier BEYOO. I can't seem to find any satisfaction in the Leica Accessories Guide, so solution will rest with recourse to some other documentation. I will keep in touch. Dan
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    I did read in the 1932 Auxiliary book the following:
    "BEVOR: Setting device for the Leica camera with interchangeable lenses "Elmar" or "Hektor" 5cm focus in connection with supplementary front lenses Nos.2 or 3, consisting of clamping ring with 4 adjustable legs"

    In the 1939 Auxiliary book the BEOOY is described as:
    "Setting device for use with front lenses Nos 2 and 3. For use with Elmar or Summar 50mm lenses."
    There is also a reference to a "BETAB" that reads:
    "4 intermediate legs to fit the device BEOOY for photographing with front lens No. 2 with the lens set to infinity"

    So the BEVOR support Elmar and Hektor lenses while the BEOOY supports Elmar or Summar lenses AND has an additional BETAL set of legs?
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