BetterLight - repairs / parts availabillity?

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  1. Hi,

    I use a BetterLight Super 8K scanning back on a Cambo Repro in the lab I work for. There's a problem with the USB control box (intermediate stage between the back and the PC). Our maintenance / IT people have looked over it and say it's not letting power go through to the scanner, though the problem does seem to be intermittent - once it's on, it's on. It's just getting it switched on that's the problem...

    I read that Mike Collette of BetterLight passed away last year which is a great shame, he was very helpful sorting out a separate problem a couple of years ago. His website still has lots of useful information on it. My first reaction would have been to contact the company to ask if they have replacement parts for sale but as that is not an option, does anyone here know if someone else has taken over servicing for these systems?

    I read that Rencay in Germany have an upgrades service from BL systems to their own backs which may end up being a way to go if the current problems get worse.


  2. Contact Equinox they were with BetterLight till the end and are now Rencay.
  3. Thank you! Will look into these tomorrow.

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