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    • For those of you that have been shooting for 1 wedding to 3 years of shooting weddings.
    • POST ONE IMAGE ONLY - All categories - no theme - Make it your best/favorite shot.
    • 500 pixels or less please (even though you have the ability normally to do 700 pixels or less
    • CAPTION! (any photos showing as a link will be deleted and you'll be asked to resubmit)
    • DETAILS - Brief info on exposure/lighting/ and othe technical information would be appreciated. IT WOULD ALSO BE FUN TO HEAR FROM YOU HOW MANY WEDDINGS YOU'VE DONE OR HOW MANY YEARS (FIRST YEAR, SECOND YEAR, 1ST WEDDING ETC)
    Judging - We will consider exposure accuracy, composition, lighting, image quality, technical excellence and other factors such as the impact of the image which could be drama, emotion, beauty humor, etc.
    Jeff Ascough, Josh Root and myself are the judges. Prizes will be awarded. One of the prizes is a year membership to In the 3 plus year category, the winner will be a featured member on PN's home page. There may be something else but I need to get that info from Josh and I'll let you know.
    The two threads will be closed on Monday, Feb 2. Winners will be announced shortly after that - probably on Feb. 4. Thanks... and good luck! Looking forward to seeing some great work.
    PS - Please no comments from the peanut gallery ;-) Photos only. Any comments saying "nice shot" etc.. will be deleted
  2. Here you go.
    Caption: For the Love of Champagne
    Shot with Canon 40D, Sigma DG 28-70mm 1:2.8 EX lens, ISO 400, 1/50th. Applied blur in PP.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
    Ok, let's try this one more time!
    NYE Wedding, Great crowd and I love this picture because there is just so much going on.
    Shot with a Nikon D40x ISO 640 f/4.0 Bounced flash used
  4. [​IMG]
    Shot with a Nikon D40 and 18-55, bounced flash
    f/5.6, 1/60th, ISO 200
  5. Nikon D80 70-200 F2.8. Exposure: F4.5 1/125 sec. at 105 mm.
  6. Canon 40D, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens @ 45mm, f/3.2, 1/250 sec. shutter speed, no flash.
    Post processed in Adobe Lightroom, including altering clarity to let some of the face detail bloom in haze. This shot really draws on my personality; I like dreamy, timeless scenes in old black & white style.
    I've been shooting weddings for about a year now.
  7. Image shot with a Nikon D3X, f/2.8, iso 250, 70mm
    Post processed in photoshop
    this was my very first wedding and I was assisting at it.
  8. Canon 5D, 16-35mm 2,8 @ 16mm, 2,8 1/200 ISO 800. w. flash. First wedding.
  9. This is from my first wedding:
    Canon 40D, Canon 50mm, 1/50, f/2.0, no flash
    Adjustment of WB, a little bit of bright, adition of lens vignetting in Camera RAW and conversion in jpeg.
    This year is my second year of weddings.
  10. 2005 one of my first weddings...
  11. I've done 4 full weddings in the last 2 years, this was from #4 in September.
    Nikon D80 - 50mm f/1.4 - f/2.5 @ 1/60th - ISO 100 - Aperture Priority - SB800 bounced to ceiling
    Shot in JPG, colour tweaked in Photoshop
  12. This is from my first wedding in June, shot as a gift to a young couple who otherwise wouldn't have had a photographer. It's a candid shot of the couple walking through thick fog at the top of a mountain where they held their ceremony. I shot it with my Canon 20D and Tamron 17-50mm lens at 50mm I believe.
    Post processing was fairly light- I converted the raw file to B&W in Lightroom, cropped from 3:2 for printing as an 8x10, warmed the conversion slightly and increased midtone contrast to help the couple stand out.
    The rest of my wedding shots are linked from if you click on my name.
    For inspiration before, during and after my second wedding I viewed Jeff Ascough's site on my laptop again and again. It's a reminder of how far I have to go- thanks to this forum for introducing me to masters of the art.
  13. I 've done two or three weddings till now, all long ago, and last year friends asked me, so here it is, a shot in sunny but very stormy weather after all the ceremonies.
    date: 12-08-2008 canon 400d, Tamron 28-75, 1/60 at 5.6. B&W conversion in PS. Originally printed like this in A3+ format as our gift.
  14. Laura Meyer Photography

    Date: September 20, 2008
    Camera: Nikon D 300 Lens: 24-70 mm ISO: 200 1/125 at f/5.0
    Captured with fill flash outside on a sunny day. Korey, the bride, happened to look over a laugh as the image was captured. A small amount of photoshop was applied, color and contrast and a small amount of blur. This is one of my favorite images from last season. September 2008 was 2 years as a professional photographer.
  15. PENTAX K110D
    Lens FA 50 f/1.4
    Focal Length 50
    Shutter Speed-1/1000
    I've been shooting Weddings for 2 years
  16. This is from the last wedding I attented. Shot with Reala in a Canon body.
    I have never done any weddings as a hired photog. I did save a wedding once (as a guest) when noted that the hired pro was obviously going to blow it, and he did. I would like to do more weddings, but as a musician I wouldn't be able to guarantee any date for more than about two weeks in advance.
  17. This was my first summer shooting weddings. I struggled a bit at first, but eventually picked it up. My favorite part of wedding photography is catching the candid little moments between the b&g. In this one, I was experimenting with a backlight to give her the halo look. The million dollar smile didn't hurt.
    D300, 17-55 2.8 at f4.5, 1/40, SB-800 on a bracket with cheap strobe in the background.
  18. Equipment = Nikon D80 with 80-200mm/2.8 lens; SB600 Flash
    Tech Info = Focal 86mm; 1/60sec @ F2.8; ISO 200; Shot RAW and PP in Lghtrm/PS converted to JPG
    I've been shooting weddings part time for 2 years and this was from my 5th one.
  19. Canon 20D, 50mm f/1.8 at f/2.8, 1/640, ISO 100
  20. TMAX 3200@6400 on Canon EOS33, no flash, no tripod. Scanned for preview purpose using Nikon Coolscan V. I not remember other technical information (lenses, focal length, ecc). This is my first wedding on december 2006.
  21. Canon 30D, 50mm f/1.4 at f/4.0 1/60, ISO 320 Manual.
    I have been 2nd shooting since May 2008. I have done 6 weddings as a 2nd shooter and 1 solo wedding.
    Her Perfect Game
  22. 50th Wedding Anniversary. They were still in love 50 years later.I have never done weddings as a paid photographer, This one was at the request of my wifes aunt and uncle on the 5oth anniversay celebration.It was a complete renewal of vows etc. I shot it with 2 camera's a Maxxum 700si and a fuji S5200.
  23. This was the my first wedding, I have another coming up in a couple weeks. This was my favourite from not the greatest shoot, although I did learn a lot. I think this one really captures the hapiness and mood of what was a fantastic wedding.
    Canon 350D, 17-40mm L, Sigma Ef-500 bounced.
    ISO 100, 17mm, f4.0, 1/15th second.
  24. Been charging clients since 2008.
    canon 40d, 1/200 @ f/2.8, 70mm
  25. Image title - "Serenade"
    I am in my 3rd year of photographing weddings. Image was taken with available light with a Nikon D3.
  26. This was from my first wedding. I saw the bridesmaid lie her head on the bride's knees at the end of a long evening of dancing and knew it would make a nice mood shot. Shot with canon 5d, 50 f/1.8 at 1/100s, 1.8, iso 1600 (raw). I left the original tungsten white balance and just pushed the contrast, added a vignette and desaturated a bit to get this effect.
  27. Taken with a Nikon D80, Nikkor 17-55mm lens. ISO 250 f 2.8 @ 1/160 sec, no flash.
    This is from the last wedding I did earlier this month. 2009 will be my 3rd year as a paid photographer.
    Photo was taken while the couple was riding in a horse drawn carriage, I love how natural it looks, a quiet moment between the bride and groom.
  28. 2008 was my first full year as a photographer. This shot came out of the 4th wedding I have ever shot (or even attended).
    Canon 20D with 24-70 2.8 - (1/160, f3.2, ISO200)
  29. Caption: celebration!
    Last year was my first year as a professional photographer. This was from my 3rd wedding in 2008, taken during the reception.

    Canon Rebel XT, 1/100 sec at f/1.4, 50mm
    Post editing in Lightroom
  30. This is from a wedding shot in November 2008 in NJ. By far the most fun wedding I've ever shot. Taken with a Fuji S3, Nikon 50mm f1.8. ISO800, f/1.8 @ 1/60.
  31. Canon 5D, 24L, no flash as it was prohibited and a Tamron 17-55 f/2,8 on a 30D camera, no flash.
  32. My first wedding. Canon 40D, Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, at f4.0, ISO 800 ( the couple just came out from the shaded area and did not have time to change anything ... )
  33. First dance - taken with Canon 40D - ISO 200 - 17mm - 4.0 - with bounce flash - Antique Finish
    Photographing weddings for a year now.
  34. Canon 40D F/2.8 24 MM Iso 1600. Flash Fired Post Process in Lightroom.
    My third wedding as a second shooter.
    This image makes me think of the marriage more then the wedding itself, half perfect half imperfect and always giving.
  35. First Wedding - Canon EOS 40D, ISO 100, 1/200, f4.5, lens Canon 70-200 2.8L IS, natural light, sepia conversion and slight vignette in Photoshop.
  36. First wedding, everyone keeps asking me to do weddings, but im still not sure if I should go for it or just stick to portrait photography (which allows me to be anal about lighting verses on the fly wedding snapshots, i guess that makes me a control
  37. Third wedding, 24mm ,1/125, f4.5, ISO800. There was this cool looking chair in the dressing room, so we had to chill out for a sec before this beautiful lady tied the knot. She laughed, and I took that picture too, but this was right after that moment... I was going to ask her what she was thinking, but I didn't want to spoil her moment.
  38. This was my 11th Wedding - Been going for just over two years.
    I'll name it.... The hallway!
    Canon 350D - 24-105l Lens @ 24mm - F4 - 1/40 - ISO 800
    Thanks - James
  39. This was my first and only wedding.
    24-70 @ 24 mm with a bonce flash.
  40. Just as the outside photo session began the first major storm of the winter season hit. Twenty minutes later with all cold, wind blown and crabbie, I begged one more shot with the Brides maids and Groomsmen. I asked them to imagine being their favorite character from the movie Pulp Fiction.
    Last wedding of 2008 (10/4/2008). Two years experience.
    Camera: Pentax K10D, Manual exposure, 1/60s, f5.6, ISO 250, focal length 23mm
  41. My first year and image from my second wedding in December. Probably my favourite image so far - it just kind of happened on the lounge floor while the bride was dressing upstairs: this bridesmaid and her sister were more than keen to play to the camera, making for some lovely photos for their family.
    40D, EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS @ 55mm, f/2.8, 1/40s, ISO 400. 580EX II +1 EV and Lightsphere straight up.
  42. Groom singing love song to his new bride.
    Shot with Canon XTI, Tamron 17-55 F2.8 - exposure of 1/40 at F/16 ( small aperture to add the starburst affect) Image colors were adjusted in Lightroom 2.
    2009 is my second wedding season.
  43. This was my first payed job as a wedding photographer.
    It was absolutely fun, I hope that all the wedding that I'll shoot will be this way.
    I've used the chance to capture the bride while she was dancing alone to a fast-beat music.
    Using: canon 5D & canon 20-35/2.8 L 580EX II
    Settings: 20mm f/4.5 @ 1/6 ISO 400 using on camera flash
    As far as I remember: flash was zoomed in and probably dialed down by 2
    In addition: PS to achieve the desired affect.
    The wedding was in summer 2008. BTW... Good Luck to everyone with the contest. In addition I wish us all the "new" comers to the industry, a lot of success in 2009. I know that I have big expectations from myself this year!
  44. [​IMG]
    "We did it!"
    Nikon D70s - ISO 400 - f/5.6 - 1/500 - 195mm
    (second wedding ever)
  45. Nikon D70s - ISO1600 - f/8 - 1/500 - 50mm
    (fourth wedding ever)
  46. The Vows
    Nikon D300, Tamron 17-50 @ 2.8
    I believe this was my 15th or so wedding, last summer. This summer will be my 3rd year. Upward and onward...
  47. trying this again. photo was taking just experimenting at my friends wedding!
  48. ISO640, Nikon D300, f4.6
  49. I have been shooting for two years and have done 15 Weddings. I was shooting with a Canon 5d 24-70 1.2 natural light.
  50. This is from one of my more recent weddings. I have been shooting weddings for just over two-and-a-half years now, and have shot around 30 weddings so far.
    The bride was walking past the stained-glass windows at the church and I stopped her to get this shot. I am proud of it since I saw it in my head prior to taking it.

    Taken with my Canon 40D, Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens, ISO 400, 1/10 sec @ f/3.2

    Natural light from the adjacent stained glass window only. NO photoshopping.
  51. I have done fam and friends a couple of times in the past, this would be my first true commissioned wedding. Pentax K10D, F4 @ 1/60, ISO 200, Sigma DC 17-70mm set to 48mm, shaded available light with fill flash. Processed in Photoshop CS3. I'll call it "High Key Couple".
  52. D300 w/Nikon 70-200 2.8 @ 105mm
  53. I love the emotion in her father.
    about 2nd year and about 30 weddings in.
    Camera: Canon EOS 5D
    Lens: Canon 50m F/1.8
    Exposure Program : Manual
    Shutter: 1/100th
    F-Stop: F/1.8
    ISO: 1600
    Flash: Fired (I bounced it)
  54. This shot was taken at my 9th wedding.
    Nikon D80
    ISO 500
  55. Shooting as a close friend of the bride's parents and making sure I stay out of the way of the hired fotag.
    Shot with a Nikon D300 1/250 @f13 ISO 400
    Nikon 80-400 lens at 80mm
  56. This shot was done on my 3rd wedding.
    Model: Canon EOS 5D
    Lens (mm): 50
    ISO: 800
    Aperture: 2
    Shutter: 1/160
    Program: Aperture Priority
  57. 4th my wedding. Canon EOS 5D,EF 16-35 L , ISo 1600, 1/25 F2.8 natural light.
  58. This is my first year shooting professionally. Yes, I blew out the highlights and I have tons of bridal portraits that are better technically, but I think this is a more interesting shot.
    Canon 5D, EF 24-70 L, ISO 500, 1/50 F/4.5
  59. This was from my third wedding. The bride looked back at me after her father got out of the car to escort her down the aisle.
    Nikon D70
  60. Canon 40D on Program AE
    Bounced flash
  61. [​IMG]
    The tale end of a very long day.
    D700, 35mm/f2.0, manual exposure (1/40 @ f4.0), bounced flash (-1.3 comp?), 4th wedding.
  62. [​IMG]
    The end of a perfect day
    Pentax K10D, Sigma 10-20mm, iso 500, 1/10 sec, F8, manual exposure, flash fired (Metz AF 48-1)
    This was my *first* wedding and I think it's the best shot of a wedding I've done so far. The couple loved this image, because it captured the story of the day allmost in a single image.
    The only planning I did, was to the chauffeur to make sure that the couple would get in the car on the far side of the building. That way, I knew i would get a nice view of the couple, the car and the little castle in the background. The pose was completely natural, no direction on my part.
    Hope you like it too.
  63. First year of weddings. Had about 28 weddings in 2008. This was my maybe my 10th. Nikon D200 with a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens. Shot at f/5.6 at 1/100. Natural light, converted to black and white in photoshop.
  64. This is one of my favourite shots from last year.
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  65. Sorry for my previous mess-up posts! I hope I get this image right.
    My husband picked this one as his favourite from among 5 I couldn't decide on. This was around my 20th wedding in the past 2 years. The couple were gorgeous and very sweet and friendly. I'm an American working in County Kildare, Ireland. The picture was taken on my Canon 20D with either a 85mm 1.8 or 100mm 2.0 lens. It was taken at Kilkea Castle in Co. Kildare.
  66. Hallo!
    I started my wedding photojournalism in Autumn 2008. This shot was taken during my second order. Metadata: D 80, T 12mm @ f/4, 1/250 s., aperture prior., ISO 400.
  67. My first wedding (out of 2). This was one of the B&G favorites
    Canon EOS 350D, EF 50mm f1.8 1/250s f8
  68. Just trying to upload, I don't think my first attempt worked..
    Love I've only shot 2 serious weddings and even that was hard to pick from!! I can only imagine the 3yr+ People! Nikon D700, F5, 125/th, ISO 800
  69. This was from my first wedding: Canon 5D with 24-70 2.8 - (1/100, f2.8)
  70. 2008 was our first year shooting weddings professionaly. This our last wedding of the year, Dec 20th, and I loved the wall lights so much that I thought it would make a great photograph....I'm very pleased with the image as is the bride. Shot with a D300.
  71. toi


    Somehow my picture was deleted, but the description wasn't, so I am posting it again.
    I will call the picture "Anticipation". I shot it on Jan. 03 using a Canon XSi, with an EF28-135mm lens, f5.6, ISO 1600. I have been a wedding photographer's assistant for over 1 1/2 years and a second shooter for 6 months. Photography (and weddings) are so much fun!
  72. At this, our second wedding, everyone was asked to step outside during the reception. As everyone left the hall they were given an unlit sparkler.
    Once everyone was ready, the Bride & Groom told the story of how the Maid of Honour was responsible for getting them together. She was the 'spark' who lit their romance.
    To bond the wedding guests to the same 'spark' the Maid of Honour proceeded to light everyone's sparkler.
    As people started returning to the dance, we pulled the wedding party aside and asked them to pose for this picture, thinking it could be used for their Thank You cards.
    2 Seconds at f/5.6, 320 ISO Focal Length 22mm (Canon EOS 30D, Tokina 12-24mm f/4)
  73. This was taken at my first wedding (I've shot five so far). The flower girl and ringbearer were not cooperating at all during the formal portraits, but luckily I was able to get some shots after everyone else had left.
    Info: 24mm, 2.8, 1/60, ISO 800. Shot with a Canon 20D
    Flower Girl and Ringbearer
  74. This was my first full year shooting weddings (I had two free ones the year before and that was it). As of this month, I have 32 weddings under my belt. I never was a second shooter, and spent hours pouring over online forums soaking up everything I could.
    This was a particularly memorable couple, and they had this way of getting wrapped up in each other like the rest of the world disappeared. They also knew they wanted amazing pictures, and were willing to try anything. Taken this October at Devil's Lake State Park near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.
    Taken with a Nikon D80, 85mm, ISO 800, f1.8, 1/2000. Shot in JPG, processed in Lightroom. I antiqued it a bit, added a slight vignette, and lightly warmed it up.
  75. I see my husband beat me to the post. That's ok, mines better. Canon 30D, Tamron 28-75 2.8, and 430ex for fill.
  76. D700, 50mm lens (lovin' that lens!). Straightened (!) and converted to B&W with a gradient map.
    This is my first post!
  77. One umbrella to my right, sun from behind. My first year, 12th and last wedding of 2008.
  78. From my 4th wedding, 1st proper year.
    Photo: natural light. D300, ISO 200, f/8, 1/250s.
  79. Nikon D70 - ISO 200 - 70mm f/6.3 - 1/60
    My first wedding...
    and also my last one...
  80. isa


    eos 1 ds markII-Monopod- 2 starlight -2 580 ex -lens 24-70 2,8
  81. Here's one of mine, my 5th wedding.
  82. Matt Papworth - Gabby and Paul
    My first wedding, I had owned a camera for two months and was lucky to get this shot. Canon 400d, 17-55 f2.8IS, ISO 1600, 1/60th at f2.8 with 580ex speedlite
  83. This is my first year doing weddings commercially. I love it! This shot was taken in Montreal QC under natural light.
    Shot with Nikon D3, lens 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 70 mm
    ISO 400 - 1/5000 sec - f/2.8
  84. Nikon D50, Nikkor 24-50 @ 35mm, 1/250.0 sec, f/5.6, fill flash.
    2nd Shooter on this one - Mom made me put the camera away and be Dad most of the day.
  85. This was from my first wedding just over a year ago. I haven't put it on my website but the bride loved it and it was one of my favourites too
    5D 85mm at f1.2 iso 1600 (it was a very dull and wet winter day)
  86. 'Craig and Vicky'
    Natural light; cross-processed tungsten slide film; graffiti-covered old stockyards.
    I've only done a few weddings, and only if asked!
  87. Here is my entrance for this competition. This was only my second wedding ever. D200, Sigma 18-50, 2.8. No sharpening either in camera or pp.
    I love the look on their faces, anticipation on her face, smile on her father's face, but also a little regret.
  88. My first wedding. Leica M2. Summicron 50mm f/2. Tri-x @ 400 ASA developed in D76. Available light: 1/15 @ f/2.8
  89. I have just finished my 2nd official wedding season and this photo was taken in June, 2008. Although I found it impossible to pick only one, this photo has always grabbed at my heartstrings. Being a moment from their first dance showing their intense love thru eye contact as their friends were encircling them with love of their own. I did some minor adjustment in PS like contrast and curves.
    Taken with D70S, ISO 400, 1/40th, 2.8, Manual Exp., Bounce flash, with 80-200 2.8 lens.
  90. It's raining outside and the wedding ceremony is being moved inside. Inside it's raining photograpers.
    1/60th at 5.6 ISO 400 fl=12mm
  91. Shot on September 6th 2008.
    Nikon D40X with the 28-75 F2.8 Tamron lens. Focal length 35mm, Exposure 1/80th sec at F2.8, ISO @800, Flash failed to fire...
    Minor adjustments in Lightroom.
    This is one of my favorite emotional images, you can just see how happy she is to finally be married to man of her dreams...[​IMG]
  92. Here is my entry.
    Canon 10D Canon 24-85mm
  93. shot in 2008, my 1st year 2nd wedding. shot w/ 40d 24-70L w/ 580exll bounced off a very high ceiling and a lightshpere. probably between f2.8 and 4.0.
  94. Shot in 2008.
    Nikon D700 with the 24-70 F2.8 nikkor lens. Focal length 35mm, Exposure 1/320h sec at F9.0, ISO 320,
  95. This is our third year with weddings.

    Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It was 95 degrees, whew!

    Basic exposure, Nikon D200 w/18-200
  96. One of my 2008. Taken with Nikon D200 + Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 AFS lens.
  97. Father & Daughter Dance.
    1/125, f2.8, ISO 400, Tamron 17-50 mm 2.8 lens at 30 mm with bounce flash.
  98. [​IMG] a promise to the kids... "we'll do a fun shot after the serious ones"
    cannon 30d efs 10-22
  99. Nikon F90x with Kodak Portra 160VC 1/125s f5.6
  100. bms


    My first! This is my favorite shot of the wedding - it may not be the technically best one, and not even the one with the best expression, but it somehow speaks to me the most. Nikon D700, ISO 1600, Nikkor 35-70mm at 48mm, f/2.8, 1/80. Natural light.
  101. This is my first year of doing weddings.
    I thought this shot was so fun! All the groomsmen in a row...
    Post processing in photoshop with saturation and burning the edges.
    Canon 30D with a EFS 18-55mm lens
  102. taken 2 Nov 2008 (my first wedding) , 50mm, F2.8, 1/100 sec, ISO 500, exp comp -0.7....flash bounced off white awning above
  103. My third wedding...
    Nikon D50,
    17-55mm f2.8,
    1/50 at f2.8,
    ISO 1600,
    Windows light to her right and bounce flash for a little filling.
    I love her expression.
  104. My first year of weddings.
    Canon 40D, 17-55mm f/2.8 IS. 1/15 @ 2.8 @ ISO 800. Shutter speed turned the water droplets into streaks.
    Popping the Champagne:
  105. This was taken April 2008, my first year, second wedding! It was taken on the beautiful beach in Grand Cayman. Natural light, Fuji S3 Pro, manual exposure, original file not available for exposure info. Its always a challenge to read your meter in the bright, hot sun with your view finder fogged up from the heat and humidity! I think it turned out!
  106. My first wedding which I shot in 2008. Nikon D200 17-55 2.8 @ 17mm 1/15, f2.8, ISO 400 Artificial light. Reflector used to fill in the shadows.
    The image:
  107. 2008 was my first year doing Weddings. This pictures is from my very first wedding. My time was up and I was going to leave, but the groom asked me to stay for 30 more minutes because he has a surprise. Sure enough, out comes an Elvis impersonator from Branson, Missouri, and he has his 3 year old mini Elvis with him.
  108. This was my second wedding and I have been doing weddings for a little more than a year. I have done other events. I love this shot because it captures the moment they saw the camera peering out of the sacristy.
  109. Canon 5D 17-40L @f4 1/320 sec iso100. I have been photographing weddings for less than a year - I enjoy it a lot though! Here is a shot from a wedding in the hills overlooking Rome. The natural light there was fantastic so that is all I used here.
  110. [​IMG]
    First wedding.
    Nikon D300 | Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 | ISO 400 | 1/80
  111. First Wedding
    Canon XSI
    28-105 f/5 ISO 200 1/800
  112. This was my first wedding few months ago... Nikon D200 + AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 at f/2.8, ISO 800
  113. Canon 5d, Canon 50mm 1.2
    f/4.5 1/200 ISO 50
  114. Shot about 30' away with a Nikkor 70/200; Nikon D2XS; f/5.6; 1/640; 400 ISO
  115. First Kiss.
    My first wedding... my last wedding.... my only wedding (photographing).
    I know that I wasn't qualified but they said if I didn't do it that they were going to use a P & S.
    2nd year of digital photography
    Nikon D40 18-200VR lens set at 52mm f6.3 1/160 sec.
    Some post photo manipulation
  116. First year shooting weddings, second wedding. Nikon D300, 17-55 mm f/2.8 lens at 40 mm, 1/80th @ f/2.8, ISO 3200. Flash bounced.
  117. The garden kiss
    Immediately after the ceremony, the B&G walked away and I followed them through a garden path which was a private spot away from the guests. As I came around a turn, they stopped and gave each other a huge kiss and I immediately captured this very intimate moment. After sorting the my images, I chose this one since it said it all. The emotion in the bride's face was priceless. I shot this with a Nikon D300 and a Nikon 80-200 f2.8. The camera settings were f3.2, ISO640, 1/500.
    This is my second year of doing weddings. I was fortunate enough to do 26 weddings this year.
  118. Second wedding, first year shooting. 70-200mm lens at 200mm. F 4.5, shutter 1000. I was curious what was happening behind me as I was shooting family shots after the service, swung around and found this.
  119. I never thought I'd find myself doing wedding photography. It has all been totally unplanned. And now, after shooting about 6 weddings over the past couple of years, it has really started to grow on me. I love shooting in black and white (strong shapes and lines), I love the spontaneous nature of the event, the documentary aspect, the beautiful brides, the beautiful locations, the strong emotions, the pressure, the quick pace, the good food, etc.
    This image was shot with the a rented 85L on an Canon XTi. 1/100 @ f/1.2 and 800 ISO
  120. At long last, after rummaging through many, many pictures, I've chosen this one. This was my second year as wedding photographer, and the image was captured likely around wedding #5 of 2008.
    Nikon D80 w/18-70
    ISO 100
    ambient light
  121. I've been photographing weddings for about a year. This was from a wedding last June where I was second shooting. I was with the bride and her mom & sisters just before the ceremony. As they were about to head out, mom opened the door, and the bride turned and took one last look in the mirror.
    Canon 20D Manual 1/1000th f/2.8 ISO 1600 17mm (17-55mm)
    One last check
  122. Running

    Canon 30D, 1/40, f/4, iso 250, Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS, flash 430.
    Stealing the bride from the ceremony. His brother and a few guys armed with paintball guns and masks, took the bride form the restaurant and ran out of the city, at a non stop coffe bar. Here there is a tradition in doing that.
    No one was hurt during the shot.
    I am a second wedding photographer and it is the first year doing photos at weddings. At this wedding I was the only photographer and I always keep my eyes on the b&g, trying to catch beautiful moments for they. Is a lot of fun, running with this guys and the bride. When we come back the guys request in the front of everybody a little funny punishment for bridegroom if he what his bride next to him.
    The shoot was taken in the running car, with flash bounceing in the roof of the car, at 24mm (~39mm) and trying to catch the moment.
  123. I've been shooting almost two years. This was shot with my Canon 30D & 50mm. It was shot with available light at f/1.8, 1/200 sec, ISO 1600.
  124. Yian and Geraldine Jones. First wedding of 2008 (Jan).
    Love the natural expressions!
  125. Canon 5d, Canon 28mm 1,8
    f2,8, 1/250, iso200
    Second year shooting weddings. This photo was shot in november 2008 on cloudy an dark day in Piran, Slovenija.
  126. f/4, 1/125sec, 160 ISO with a Nikon D40, Nikkor18-200mm at 22 mm using available light and strobe directed to soften facial shadows.
    He was up the tree before I could finish my sentence, "How would you feel about climbing..." She was a little more reluctant, but saw a once in a lifetime opportunity and eventually climbed on up with a little help from myself and the best man!
    Thanks for the opportunity to share!
  127. Shot with Nikon D80, Nikkor 17-55mm 2.8 DX lens, ISO 250... applied color burn in ps
    BTW This was my first independent wedding [I was always working with my Mentor]. I have been coatched for almost a year.
  128. Forgot the caption.

    I was actually a guest for this one and shot this with my point and shoot. I had to crop the right side because of a car in the parking lot that could be seen through the horse drawn coach. Other than that, applied levels, contrast, smart sharpen, black and white layer for sharpness. thanks.
  129. While the bride was in the house having her hair and make-up done, the little flower girl was in the backyard playing with bubbles. The image was created with ambient light and some slight work in Photoshop but not much (i.e. just some sharpening).
    I've been shooting weddings for about 3 years now.
  130. This was my first wedding I shot in April 2008, so I haven't been at this quite a year! I used my canon XTi, 18-35mm f6.3 @ 1/200 iso 400. Natural light with fill flash -3 comp.
  131. Shooting one year for Weddings
    Cesar and Yeni
    Canon 1D Mk III, Canon 24-105 IS L
    1/80, F4.5, ISO 1600
  132. [​IMG] I've been doing weddings for the past 2 years,
    Stacy, The Balsams Resort, in The White Mountains, Franconia Notch NH.
  133. Hi
    This was taken using a Nikon D700 @ iso 640 F10 1/100 with an SB800 flash unit and nikon 24-70 lens
    I was at a friends wedding as a guest, but had to take some pictures hope you like it
    I have completed 2 friends weddings and have purchased some new equipment to go part time as I am in law enforcement at the moment where I completed my photography course..
  134. Some truly amazing photos here and realistically not very far off the more than 3 years submissions. It shows that the quality is great.
    Thanks for the post: educational and inspirational shots.
    EOS 5D Third Wedding, 28-70 2.8 1/00 f4.5 - 550EX Bounce flash
    Port Lympne... Stunning venue, every room ludicrously different, to an African theme.
    Fifth Wedding down, and no weddings planned for this year.
  135. I've been shooting weddings for 6 months. I'm a freshman in college, but was fortunate to have the fall semester off as part of a special program. I started weddings this past July and worked through October. I won't start again until the summer so I'm not overwhelmed at school (which I'm literally leaving for tomorrow). This was one very interesting wedding. It was a Marine wedding and the groom's family had a passion for Harley's. Put 'em all together and what do you get? One very unique and beautiful wedding. Shot with a Nikon D300, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR. ISO 200, 70mm, f/5.6, 1/200. Talk about a wild series of shots, I was hanging halfway out a car window on the interstate with two cameras slung around my neck!
  136. I've been shooting weddings for 6 months. I'm a freshman in college, but was fortunate to have the fall semester off as part of a special program. I started weddings this past July and worked through October. I won't start again until the summer so I'm not overwhelmed at school (which I'm literally leaving for tomorrow). This was one very interesting wedding. It was a Marine wedding and the groom's family had a passion for Harley's. Put 'em all together and what do you get? One very unique and beautiful wedding. Shot with a Nikon D300, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR. ISO 200, 70mm, f/5.6, 1/200. Talk about a wild series of shots, I was hanging halfway out a car window on the interstate with two cameras slung around my neck!
  137. [​IMG] This was my first wedding. I generally shoot children and babies. This was my brother's wedding and was done as a gift. I shoot with a Nikon D40x Nikkor 18-55mm.
  138. So far ... I've shot five weddings. This picture is from my very first last March. Shot with a Canon 40D 28-135mm and Speedlite 430EX. Processing was done in Photoshop. Technically ... this was one of my least strong from the day. But emotionally ... it was the winner. The bride is American and the groom British. She was leaving her family to live in England and they were just devastated. So, I made this picture especially for them and entitled it "Au Revoir."
  139. One of my first weddings... 08 was my first year. The Bride and Groom wanted a shot in the chapel next to their church -- it was where they were engaged. When we got inside, totally unexpectedly, they dropped to their knees in the aisle to pray. It was a great moment.
    Post in Lightroom is just curves. Shot with a 40D with a 24-70 2.8L. 1/100, f/3.2, ISO800.
  140. This is one of the images from my very first wedding ever, which was about 2 years ago. We were at a local park waiting for the rest of the bridesmaids to arrive for photos, and I just thought I'd take a few pics while we waited. Til this day, this is my favorite. The camera used at the time was a Nikon D40. Settings: not recorded.
  141. This was a lucky shot on Sydney Harbour Australia, as I had been shooting in the shade at iso 1600, and turned around to see the couple moneky-around. My assistant grabbed the soft box (SB800 via CLS) and I shot into the sun without time to change settings (ended up 1/2500 f/8 iso 1600) Luckily high speed sync was "ON".
    I am relatively new to weddings but have been passionate about photography for ~10 years.
  142. I have been shooting weddings for less than 2 years (about a year assisting and this is my 2nd quarter of having my own business). This shot was taken with my old Nikon D70s and was only my 2nd solo wedding. It was shot with a Nikkor 18-55mm at 50mm 1/125 f/6.3 ISO 400 using natural light only.<br>

    Not my best shot technically or with my best equipment, but these two were so natural and so in love that this is my absolute favorite photo from a wedding.</p>
    I can't promise to catch you before the thread closes when
    1) You are making some kind of mistake in your HTML when using outside links to upload a photo to this forum. (I SUGGEST UPLOADING FROM YOUR DESKTOP TO AVOID THIS)
    2)Your images are too large ;- )
    3) You posted a link ;-(
    Anything entered past 6pm that does not comply will be deleted.
    I've already gone through twice now and given people chances to resubmit. Looking forward to getting together with the judges and reviewing both threads.
    Thanks for the great participation!!
  144. I have been photographing weddings for almost 2 years, and have done about 30 so far. This photo was taken from a wedding I photographed in July. The families were of Ukrainian descent. It was fascinating to experience a wedding from another culture. I have never seen so many guest cameras! This shot is of the flower girl as she makes her way down the aisle. Nikon D200, 85mm. lens, 2.5, 1/100.
    Lights, Cameras, Action!
  145. My first go around and a very dark old church, NO flash allowed. . I like the feeling of this photograph, even with the poor light and noise. It's like a priviate moment being watched over. Used a 10D with a 70-200 f/2.8L hand held, ISO 800 1/90th sec @ f/2.8
  146. Olympus e-300 f5.6 ss 100 ISO 100 14-45mm zoom off camera Olympus strobe
    my second wedding
  147. I hope it's not too we go:
    This is actually my first *real* wedding! I was hired to go to Sicily in May 2008 to photograph a wedding for a couple from London. I am living in Oslo, Norway, so this was a great (a bit terrifying actually) challenge and a huge inspiration! Daniel Mikkelsen joined me as a co-photographer. If I should pick out one shot, I'd say it would be this one. I think it really conveys the thrilling atmosphere, you can actually feel the energy as the couple walks down the chairs outside the church after the ceremony heading for the car. The place was packed with people and you can see some of them in this photograph. I hope the atmosphere comes through in the photograph, I might be a bit biased since I was there experiencing the whole thing. It was an amazing experience and the couple (Amelia and Johnny) were so nice people. As were their friends and families! Tech specs: Canon 5D, EF 16-35 2.8L, f3.2, 1/500s.
  148. This was my first wedding. I usually photograph children and babies. this was my brothers wedding and was done as a gift. I used a Nikon D40x with the nikkor 18-55mm lens. This shot was actually a candid. They were reading a wedding card and she looked up at just the right time. Nice little surprise.
  149. I was a guest at this wedding but brought my Canon Xti with 17-85 IS lens and 420EX flash. I should have stopped down a little closer to f/8 to get better focus on all of the subjects. This bride and groom are elementary school teachers at the same school and they invited all of their students to the wedding and for a few brief moments posed with all of them. I took about two hundred photos (the main photographer was also an amateur/volunteer) at the wedding and this was not the best photo but in many ways it represents one of the more enjoyable moments of the event
  150. New pic
  151. [​IMG] First Year: First Wedding
  152. shotgun wedding, taken july 2008 in boulder colorado with a nikon d200, photoshoped to black and white 3rd wedding last year
  153. Canon 5D, 1/125, 7.1, 28mm (EF 28-135mm 3.5-5.6 IS USM). Light source: window light.
    This was the first wedding my husband and I shot on our own (previous to this we did back-up for a few and practised at friends weddings - out of the way of the pro's). We only took this on because the couple were friends and had been unable to afford a photographer. They had very low expectations and were given many warnings by us, but fortunately they were extremely happy with the photos (& this has since led to a number of baby photo referals), and we were very happy for the opportunity. This was a couple of years ago and we have since shot one more on our own and a few more backup, but at the moment we are doing lots of learning, practising and courses.
  154. This was from my first wedding two yrs ago. I did one last year and have one planned this year. I do it for a hobby and only take the after-church reception for people I know. Too much stress (not to mention complete lack of experience) for me to do the ceremony.
    "Later" in the evening the party games began. Started with 10 people running for nine beers, and through process of elimination, ended up with one winner, and a very wet bar and floor.
    Groom is in the middle.
    It was in Walloonia, the french speaking part of Belgium.
    It was a great wedding. Shot with Canon 1D mkii N.
  155. This photo is from my first, and only wedding so far. It was my best friend's wedding...and it was done for my gift to her. I began my photography business this time last year.
    "At Last"
  156. PS: I should have mentioned our weddings are all unpaid so far.

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