Best way to clean a sensor on a 30d?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by scott_alan, May 11, 2007.

  1. I recently purchased a pre-owned 30d and I have some black spots on some
    photos. I am guessing that it is dust on the sensor. The camera shops here
    want to send it to canon to be cleaned. Is there a way to try it myself? I
    tried using a blower/brush to no avail.

  2. There is a company called sensor swap, they offer special liquid and brushes to clean your CMOS. I have never actually had to use them but I know a few people who are quite happy with their products.
    There is also a cheaper competitor called Digi-Pad which might be ok.
    Just search on google for them.

    And if you want to do it completely yourself with a make-up brush have a look at this link:
  3. Short answer: yes, you can clean it yourself.

    Probably the best answer is to search PNET or just Google for "Sensor Clean" and you'll find more than you'd ever need to know.

    Some links: -- -- --

    Good luck! Cleaning your sensor seems to be a rite of passage in the digital-photography age!


    Geoff S.
  4. Most affordable (especially in the long run) way I've seen is Copperhill Images Basic Sensor
    Cleaning Kit and it actually works. I had a smudge on my sensor which would not come off
    with a blower or Visible Dusts' Arctic Butterfly. The Sensor Cleaning Kit from Copperhill
    Images worked like a charm. On a side note, I did have to press a bit harder than I was
    comfortable with to clean it off. I think from this experience, cleaning the sensor isn't that
    big of a deal really. It's not as fragile as I have been made to believe. In any case, here's
    some links for you. Good luck!
  5. My personal answer to your subject-line question (the "best" way to clean) is:
    1. Use a Sensor Brush - if that doesn't work...
    2. Use a pad with the correct fluid for your sensor/filter.
    Many people would recommend starting with a blower, and there's nothing wrong with that - I just always use the brush...
    The sticky "Dust Aid" looks like a great innovation (esp. for cleaning in the field), but I haven't used it personally yet.
    Geoff S.
  6. Arctic Butterfly

    AB Review:

    Also consider the SensorKlear pen
  7. I went out with the misses shopping the other day and she dragged me round Boots buying makeup, not for me I hasten to add, but whilst being dragged around and making fun of her choices I noticed some really soft makeup brushes, about 5mm across, I added it to the basket and since then have used this most of the time, it is softer that the brushes that you get it most of the cleaning kits, and most of the time it works great.

    For that stubbon black dot that wil not move, I use 'Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab Type 2 Kit (for my 30D)', I found a great seller on ebay that does them cheaper than 'Photographic Solutions' do, and that works very well, never fails me.

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