Best tripod for under $100

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by joey_watt, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. I had to use my promaster tripod for work and it got beat up pretty
    badly. My boss is willing to replace it. Need sugestions on the
    best for the money, as long as it is no more than $100. Thanks.
  2. Bogen 3001, Velbon Maxi 343e. - The Bogen is good quality & steady. The Velbon is very small & light, but less steady. It would depend on what you wanted to mount on it & how far you were going to pack it.

    Lots of others to choose from too.
  3. Manfrotto/Bogen 3001 sells for around $85 new.

    Anything larger, like a Tiltall or a Bogen 3021, needs to be purchase used to meet your price range.
  4. What size and weight are you willing to carry around? For a larger-sized tripod below US$100, I recommend the Slik Able 300DX - a durable all-metal setup with stable and long legs under a decent pan/tilt head.
  5. The entry-level Bogen/Manfrotto model(3001/190)is the price/quality winner.Durable, fixable, modular, widely available.
  6. I agree with the suggestions for the Bogen/Manfrotto model(3001/190); I have one and love it. However, something in your question and/or the other answers urges me to point out that you will need to buy a separate head to use with this tripod. Perhaps your best bet for quality and low cost would be the 3262QR ball head or the low-end three axis pan head (don't know the number). It will be worth you shelling out the extra few dollars over most tripods with built-in heads. (Also, try to buy used if you can.)
  7. Well, I have read some answers here and thought: does nobody here even know wooden tripods from the german manufacturer Berlebach? They are lighter and cheaper than all metal and most carbon tripods, affordable and have a very long life - and they are cheaper than any carbon tripod. And if you ever took photos at very low temperatures your fingers will notice a big difference between metal and wood. But the best is: it's a special wood that eliminates vibrations much faster than any other material. I don't know whether such tripods are available in your country, but they are really worth a look.
  8. The Bogen 719B comes with an installed ball head and holds cameras up to 8 pounds, but weighs only about 3 pounds and includes a case that is designed for carry like a backpack. It's available from B&H for about $85.00 (list price $99.).

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