Best Speed Ring for Einstein?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by twmeyer, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. I have several standard mount 4 pole softboxes from a couple of manufacturers that I'd like to use with Buff's Einsteins. Any suggestions about a speed ring that takes rectangular, strip and maybe even octa poles and fits the Einstein? Thanks... t
  2. Hey Tom,

    Either the Chimera OctaRing or the Paul C. Buff™ Rotating Speedring

    The Chimera lets you attach heavy duty stand mounts directly to the speedring so the flash's stand mount - any flashes
    stand mount - isn't supporting the leveraged mass of the soft box as well as the light. The Paul C. Buff™ Rotating
    Speedring fits a little tighter and a lot less expensive.
  3. Although I haven't used it myself, the Kacey speedring mount is the best I've seen. Similar to the Chimera brackets (which I do own--thanks, Ellis!), it takes all the weight off of the light, and mounts securely in a grip-head. But, unlike the Chimera brackets, I believe (check with Kacey to make sure) the modifier is still able to rotate independently of the orientation of the fixed bracket-attachment point:
    The link shows the configuration for use with Buff modifiers, but Kacey has an adapter and recommended speedring for use with other manufacturers' modifiers (Chimera, Photoflex, etc.). So, you'll also need a Kacey adapter ring (not shown) which puts more of your E640's flash tube inside the softbox, and their recommended Chinese-made (also, not shown), octa-speedring. Unfortunately, Kacey doesn't sell this speedring directly--you have to buy it from an Ebay seller.
    But, it's the most robust approach to mounting third-party modifiers to an E640 I've come across. Kind of a hassle to have to source the kit from two vendors, but it sure looks like a slick product. It's best to e-mail Kacey, and tell him your exact application (he'll know which Kacey adapter ring and Chinese speedring you're talking about), since not all adapter products are on his website, but this was the solution I was planning to go with when I was still considering E640s.
  4. That Kacey adapter is pretty nice. $170. yikes.

    I'll hunt down the Chimera tomorrow. I like the idea of keeping the weight off that mechanism. Thanks guys... t
  5. I believe Chimera makes a folding speedring that accepts the rods as it is folded then snap open, ie, flat and the box is assembled. I use it on a 3x4 for travel and it just pops open on location. Wont work for octas, only takes 4 rods. Great for strip boxes as well.
  6. I have one of those for my Lumedyne. It works great. But I do like the idea of keeping the stress off the head.
  7. Yes, the Chimera QR (quick-release) speedrings are really great, and the only way to go for mounting four-pinned softboxes, as far as I'm concerned. Also, the Chimera brackets Ellis mentions are indispensable for holding the tilt-angle on strobes with large softboxes attached:
    Chimera 3700 stand adapter for Chimera QR four-pin speedrings:
    Chimera 3770 stand adapter for most Chimera eight-pin speedrings:
    I just hung a 54" x 72" Photoflex softbox onto my 8-pound Speedotron Force 10 monolight for some outdoor family portraits this weekend using the Chimera 3700 stand adapter. It attaches to my Chimera QR speedring with two machine screws (provided), then mounts to a stand using a standard grip-head jaw. Works great, and really holds the tilt-angle on strobes with large modifiers.
  8. For Octas, the Aurora is pretty sturdy and is tight enough that the softbox won't rotate. But it doesn't have a tripod spigot mount. I've got a spare if you're interested because I like the QR style much better.
    The Chimera QR ones are great. The Bowens QR which I also have is also nice. Neither work w/ octas and have a spigot :p

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