Best softbox setup for use with Canon 580EX II

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  1. What products would you recommend for softbox use of off-camera 580 EX II? I already have stands and multiple flash heads (1x580EX II, 2x580EX). I will be purchasing the new PocketWizards once they're available, but as of right now I'm limited to Canon's E-TTL. I just don't know the best mount system or brand and size of softbox.
    I will be predominantly shooting 1-2 people in the frame, consisting mainly of head and 3/4 shots. I need to be portable and cordless. Also, I have umbrellas and have shot with them successfully, but have heard how much better control of light you can achieve with softboxes. I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a Morris that i use with an SB600 for hair/fill/background.....I like it well enough and it comes with a speedring and is very portable.
    Wescott also makes one as well...
  3. I have two of the Morris's as well.
    The bracket is very strong unlike some others.
    This strength has a drawback that it is heavier than others.
    I would also recommend a Bogen 2905/026 umbrella swivel as it is very strong...
    Another option are the collapsible kits from Lastolite which are nice, but expensive...
  4. Steven
    A base my lighting on this soft box set :
    I use it with a 580 EXII, a SUNPAK PZ 5000 and one Nikon SB-27... I do snake portraiture with them... work ver y fine for my.. I use them on light stands + shoe mount multiclamp , but can also be used as an on camera accesory...
    I have also done art work portfolios with this same flash + softbox sets with very good results.. of course only for small and medium size paintings and drawings...
    I hope I have helped

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