Best size for over the mantle

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  1. Hi: I do not sell a lot of canvas.
    I have a client interested in a canvas print of a family photo to go over their mantle. I haven't seen the mantle but I think it's an average sized middle class house. Not a mansion, not small either. I will ask them to measure exactly but, on average, those of you who do sell a lot of canvas, is there a popular mantle size or a few popular sizes?
    She is asking what's a common mantle size. I'd like to be able to give her a ballpark and also ballpark price (I'm not asking price here, just size.)
    Not sure if they want a gallery wrap or a loose canvas to frame.
    Thank you so much.
  2. I don't sell canvas prints, but I have framed and hung thousands of pictures. I'd say a safe bet was 16 x 20 inches, either a full-size canvas or a frame of this size with a matted 12 x 16 inch print.
  3. Thank you very much David.
  4. I would price for a 20x30 for a gallery wrap and 16x20 for a framed canvas.
  5. Thank you Michael. I appreciate it.

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