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  1. Hello - I am interested in creating a photobook of my travel/landscape photographs. I envision a fairly large (min 10x10 inch), hardcover photo book with big, full colour images on top quality paper. Similar to a coffee table book you might pay $80-100 at a book store. I'm willing to spend a good bit of money to get a truly top-notch product that will remain as a keepsake for a lifetime. I know most drugstore photo labs do photobooks and i know there are lots of mainstream consumer photobook options out there, but i'm looking for something that will satisfy the high-expectations of a serious amateur photographer. So, please provide recommendations on what service I should use to create/print my photobook?
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    Andrew Forrest
  2. Well, Blurb isn't it.
    I used Blurb for a 24 page 12 X 12 photo book this summer and was not completely satisfied with the results. My pages were designed to print "bleed" and several were trimmed incorrectly and had a white border.
    I was not pleased with the color, but did not use their profile or do any soft-proofing. I have printed many of the photos that appear in the book before, both on consumer and professional printers and have always had good color match without the need for soft-proofing.
    In addition, I was a bit surprised at the cost, a 12" X 12" book with hard cover and 24 image pages cost me $80.00.
  3. Blurb isn't bad if you have some experience with their idiosyncrasies. They tend to print a little dark and a little contrasty (even with monitor calibration). The best I have seen is Asuka Books, who seem to focus on wedding type books, but I saw a colleagues landscapes of icebergs, and the reproduction was dead on the money. The problem is they are gawd awful expensive, and there isn't enough margin in it to make money.
  4. I've made 3 books with blurb so far and plan at least 2 more (both in progress). I agree with the comment about contrast - I haven't had any problems with image contrast in any of the books, but it's obvious that submitting a high contrast image will yield a very high contrast image in the book. I've been printing their coffee-table-size (11x13) and have been satisfied with the color. I have not tried to spread a single image across 2 pages yet - that will be in the next book.
    I've only had one problem with a book, and it was fixed quickly and without hassle by blurb. They printed my most recent book (almost a year ago) with the wrong type of cover (hardcover instead of the dust jacket I ordered). When I contacted them, they reprinted the book without hesitation, which is all I could ask.
    I have considered Adoramapix because of what they offer in sizes, paper, etc, but their prices changed my mind. A coworker has a book a relative made using Shutterfly, and while it was well done and pleased the coworker (family photos), it was not what I'd want for a coffee-table book of my stuff. It had more of a scrapbook appearance IMHO.
  5. I've seen some excellent books made by MagCloud. This book created by a friend turned out beautifully.
  6. Adoramapix is way better than Blurb. I use them for all my landscape photography books. You can download their color profiles and color match your pictures as long as your monitor is color corrected. Results are outstanding.
    Their software needs some getting used to but you should have it down after 30 minutes playing with it.
    PS: I tried to use Blurb 3 separate times because I kept reading that people had gotten good results and was disappointed every single time.
  7. I have used AdoramaPix in the past and will again in the future because the images and books come out so very nicely, but there are projects for which I want traditional "book paper" rather than stiff (almost boardbook-like) photo paper. If you can't accept this nontraditional aspect of AdoramaPix's products, you'll have to seek elsewhere, I'm afraid. (But the images really do look great.)
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    I have several Blurb books, mostly the large (12x12 I think) square ones. They have all turned out very well and are much
    admired. I like the paper choices, and the cover options and they look just like a published book. I do have a calibrated
    screen, I do use their profiles, and I do soft proof. Otherwise you will end up with dull images. I have learned to add just a
    touch of brightness regardless. For there's no way of escaping the fact that a printed page is not the same as a backlit
    image on a display. I usually time my purchases to fit with voucher availability
  9. this is great so far! thanks for the thoughts. has anybody had any experience with i saw an add for them which caught my attention as having good potential.
  10. I've done several large books with New customers get a free book. They offer a variety of discounts for existing users. My last 15" x 11.5" book cost all-in $41 per book, with four books ordered. YMMV since the deals are constantly changing. You have a number of paper quality choices, various covers, etc.
    These books get "Wows" from everyone that sees them.
  11. I tried Shutterfly, wasn't happy with the quality. I switched over to MyPublisher and have been very happy. They use a much heavier weight paper. Recently Shutterfly purchased MyPublisher, since thing I haven't needed to print a book, so can't tell you if Shutterfly purchase has affected MyPublishers quality
    I really appreciate that I do the layout work on my computer using MyPublishers application, not trying to do the work via a web page.
    I usually build the book to where I want it, then I wait for the sale. MyPublish has a variety of sales, from buy one, get one free (of the same exact book) to 50% off to free pages (above the minimum). Once the sale hits, then I send my book in for printing.
  12. I've made a MyPublisher book since the purchase and books are unchanged. Calendars and some other products now go through Shutterfly. I just made a calendar, but I won't receive it until next week, so I can't report on quality. MyPublisher is still good for books.
  13. After 15-books with My Publisher, I've started having trouble with some exposures being too dark. Until this last book, all pages were perfect and matched the Preview on my calibrated monitor. On this last book, several pages were up to one-stop too dark. When I complained, they said that they didn't see any difference. When I hold the book up to my monitor and compare it to the My Publisher Preview, some, but not all pages are clearly darker.
    I think that My Publisher and Shutterfly merged. I wonder if that would explain the decline in quality control.
    I'm looking for a new provider and thinking about Adorama Pix.
  14. Anyone done this in the UK? Anyone used Loxley or Bob Books?
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    I'm in the UK and use Blurb. I think the books are actually printed in Holland
  16. I used AdoramaPix a couple of times and the results were stunning.
  17. I used resnap to create a normal photo book, not landscape oriented. Quality was good and it took me less than a minute. Maybe you could check it out when you want to create one on the fly?

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