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  1. I've just returned to its owner after loan a Polaroid 4000 film scanner which gave impressive results from my M6 negs.


    I should like to buy a cheap film strip scanner (flatbed ) so that I can do some initial sorting.


    There seem to be many options. Can anyone recommend a particular make and model from their own experience. ?
  2. I have the old, SCSI, version of the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual (2480
    dpi resolution). It's produced good results for me & didn't cost too
    much (<$450). I've heard good things about the current USB version,
  3. I have recently acquired an Epson2450 and I am delighted with
    the performance. It too is in the $450 range.
  4. For flatbed,the Epson 2450 is a good choice.
    I am a very satisfied user of this scanner.
    also see
  5. Thanks for the info about the Epson 2450 which I have seen and used
    but I was thinking of a really budget model at about $200.
  6. Hi Tony,
    I have the epson 1250 Photo, which is about 160 $ here in Germany.
    Quite nice, good resolution, but unfortunately the software suffers
    some problems in my eyes: No way of scanning MF, though size yould
    allow this and, which is more crucial, no scanning of bright
    negatives / dark slides. This means only slides with a +/-2.5 stops
    exposure can be handled, no 'face in the dark' pictures or similar
    subjects. The scanning sw just cannot recognize the slides then.
    Otherwise a nice piece of HW. If it would deal with the above
    problems which are sw - related I'd give it 5 stars.
  7. There's nothing available at $200 that I would consider worth spending the money on. For $400, the Epson 2450 is well worth the $100 premium over the Epson 1650 Photo. For about the same money, the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II will do even better for 35mm format film scanning. See the following page for a comparison between the two scanners:
    Epson 2450 Photo : Small test
  8. Sorry, screwed up the link: photostuff/epson2450test/e2450.htm
  9. I am using a SCSI Minolta ScanSpeed which can do 2800 dpi and is
    quite adequate for 8x10. The Minolta software was not very good, so
    right now I am using the scanner with Vuescan form Hamrick Software.
    The only drawback is the Dmax which is not high enough compared to
    the new Nikon Coolscan 4000.
  10. I have a Minolta Dimage Scanner for sale, I bought it for my mother,
    but in the end she bought a digital camera. I have only used it to
    see if it works. Based in the UK, make me an offer....
  11. Too bad you waited so long. The Polaroid SprintScan 4000 has been on
    sale, with a $200 rebate for the past several months. I got mine from
    B&H for $550 with rebate. Before doing anything, I would check with
    B&H and see if the rebate has been extended. I think you'll find
    anything else in this price range disappointing after using the
    Polaroid 4000.
  12. Tony, after having used the Polaroid SprintScan4000 scanner,
    you'll probably be REALLY disappointed with the results from a
    flat bed scanner for negatives, especially if you are looking at
    "cheap film strip" scanners. The SprintScan is incredible and
    there's nothing in it's price range. I've been using this scanner for
    a few weeks now and it's fantastic. Scanning at 4000 dpi and
    100%, I get files good enough to make 13x19-sized prints at
    300dpi. The rebate for the Polaroid SS 4000 expires at the end of
    this month. Purchase must be made by Jan 31 and the rebate
    must be postmarked by Feb 15. I got mine from B&H for $750
    (before $200 rebate).

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