Best pro quality P and Shoot?

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  1. Are there any compact P&S that deliver pro quality results? Need something that I can
    pull out in high crime areas of the world but can still make decent 16x20s...
  2. You'll probably need to be a bit more specific - are you talking about small sensor compacts, or large sensor ones? My thinking is that if you intend to make 16 x 20 prints, you probably need to look at the Panasonic/Olympus/Sony/Sigma large sensor compact cameras. I've had both - had a wonderful G11 but would not make large prints from it, and I also have a Sigma DP1s that I do make 16 x 20 prints from. And of course it also depends on how you define "pro quality results".
  3. Best pro and Point and Shoot sounds like two mutually exclusive concepts.
  4. Best pro and Point and Shoot sounds like two mutually exclusive concepts.
  5. Sounds like an oxymoron :) I think what millitates against this idea is the 'pulling out' and hand holding instead of using a steady support ... probably the Pany LX3 or LX5 will do this for you if used with care. I made 15x12's from my Canon s20 3.3Mp years ago when I got everything right. But it was so expensive in those days that I was nervous about showing it in 'high crime rate' areas :)
  6. LX-5 is what I would suggest. It is pretty much as pro as it gets for a compact point and shoot, but make no mistake, it is not a modern day DSLR. Having said that a 16x20 print is no problem.
  7. I would suggest the G12 or S95 as their output is excellent. Canon considers them to be "Pro" p&s cameras and include them as part of the EOS system. They (the G11 and S90...the latest brochure isn't out yet, or at least I haven't seen one) are featured in the EOS System brochure and touted as "Pro" cameras. 16x20 prints are no problem for either of these cameras either.
  8. There are a few that fit the bill.
    The LX-5, G12, S95 (maybe), a Ricoh that I can't remember the name of, and some Panasonic that I also cannot remember the name of. Of course, on the couple of Panasonics, their are also the Leica versions, but that is just waisting money on a label.
    Better question, what do you NEED the camera to do?
  9. Rollei 35 s or se loaded with something like Tmax 400 could give excelent quality and maybe attracts less attention.
  10. Are there any compact P&S that deliver pro quality results? Need something that I can pull out in high crime areas of the world​
    A compact with Pro quality? If there exists one, it would definitely attract all the camera thieves of the world
  11. I would say a S90/95 would do the trick. The pix are very good. The only trouble is the slowness of the camera.
  12. I think a Rollei 35 would attract much attention for its quirky vintage looks.
  13. I found that my little black Canon S90 attracted almost no attention at all out in the streets, whereas my relatively compact Nikon DSLR attracts a lot. People really notice, whereas little P&S cameras are all over the place at all times. Nobody ever followed me around when I was using the compact, but I've already noticed some shady characters following me around in inner city areas until I beat a retreat somehow... and I don't exactly live in a third world city.
    As for what is "pro quality", beats the heck out of me.
  14. A professional with any point & shoot will do better than any of the rest of us equipped with a "professional" camera.
    See, for instance, these images shot with the Canon A620..
    If we all knew our equipment as well as this guy knows his, we'd all be happy with our equipment.
  15. bms


    What type of photos are you planning to do? If you shoot photos of crimes being committed, you might make yourself a target regardless....
    Used to have the D-LUX 4 (= Panasonic LX3) - pretty nice camera, I am sure the LX5 is even better - 16x20 (inches) may be pushing it though, especially if you shoot it at ISO 400 or above, IMHO. The Olympus EP-2, which I just sold does not really qualify as P&S, but I think it's a step up from a P&S quality wise and not too bulky. GF-1 is more compact, or you could wait for the GF-2 which is even smaller. Zoom lenses make it prtty big but the 14mm f2.5 or the 20mm f1.7 may fit the bill.
    Never really bought into it, but you may do the old "deface the brand name with balck tape" trick, maybe it helps. Certainly would not get a shiny red camera... :)
    You may really want to do the film thing.... maybe not a Rollei, something chearper. if it gets stolen, your are down max 36 pictures and not 4 GB worth of JPGs....
  16. Sigma DP-1 or DP-2. A fixed lens but very sharp, and equal to consumer DSLR's in terms of sharpness, resolution, and dynamic range (when you shoot RAW).
  17. Contax T2, if you can find one.
  18. In a word, NO. If it were the case, there would not be any pro cameras.
    Now if you were to say are there any GOOD P&S cameras that come get what you pay for.
    Read the reviews...esp Do the research.
  19. olympus trip 35:
  20. Olympus Trip 35 will do the trick, I you use film and have a good film scanner. I'd vote for Samsung EX-1/TL500 - had it for three weeks now and it is just amazing. Best quality for the price, IMHO.
  21. What is your experience as a photographer? Are you a professional, are you going to make photographs for yourself, for an editorial piece, or for a paid assignement? I am assuming you are going to shoot in areas where the crime rates are high, thus you require a small and discreet camera; you do not want to draw attention to yourself.
    If this is the case, much more important than the camera, is the way that you "behave" in the street, the way you intercat with people and the environment, your style of photographing, etc. some people can be discreet while carrying a Canon 1 series camera and L zoom; others can stick out like a sore thumb with a small P&S.
    Therefore, you need to "classify" yourself, and then choose the camera that best suits you. If you know that already, and you have decide on a P&S, there are plenty to choose from these days, from Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Ricoh, Panasonic, Olympus, etc, etc.
  22. well aren't some of us all high and mighty with our small format slr's! why shoot a sfdslr when you could shoot medium or large format? there is no such thing as a professional camera, only a professional photographer. a compact (nearly all digicams, such as a D3, are point and shoot cameras nowadays) is capable of taking a better image than a top of the range dslr in certain situations when discretion or portability are required. Something like an Olympus EP1 will help you make superb images.
  23. Due to the small sensors of the point and shoot cameras ,you need one that extracts great deal of details from that sensor,so you need to get one that shoot with a raw mood,for those I would suggest Canon Power shoot G series,I have used the G9 and G11,if you still want a smaller size I would recommend Canon S90 ,which I Used also,and I have used the Lumix LX3 ,but it produce a great deal of noise.
  24. Some pros will use Canon's G series cameras for niche purposes. It's a very popular camera line for photojournalists.

    The S90 or S95 would be lower cost/risk and wouldn't look as fancy. Put a bit of duct tape on it to make it look worthless.
  25. A P&S with "pro quality results"? I don't know of any camera that can select a subject and consider the lighting on its own, nor compose the picture. Oh wait, I don't think I'm defining "pro" the same way as some people do.
  26. shooting in high-crime areas, fast AF is a must, in case you need to make a quick getaway. therefore, the LX3/5, TL500/XL1, S90/95, G11/12, or possibly a GF1 would be your best bets.
  27. I need a P&S with RAW ,, a viewfinder ,, at least a 28mm ,, manual controls ,, and decent @ iso 400 .........any ideas
  28. Either Canon G12 or Nikon P7000, C Jo.

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