Best Places to shoot Night View of Manhattan Skyline

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  1. I am planing to visit New York in late December, and my long time dream, capturing beautiful night view of Manhattan skyscrapers will come true. I need some suggestions as to where I should go for that. I've learned that Empire Fulton State Park and Brookly Bridge Park are good for the shots with Brookly Bridge, which I will definately try. Any other good place? Please advise. Thanks!!
  2. New York Marriott Marquis. It has a slowly rotating restaurant/bar from where you can take great pictures of the skyline, albeit with reflections of the restaurant. Just bring a table-top tripod.
  3. Top of Rockefeller Center at dusk, and for a short time after. Great views of lower Manhattan. When the lights are still on the the southwest sky is still glowing it makes a nice shot.
  4. The Harborside pier in NJ shows beautiful views. I have photos on film but none in digital format i can attach right now, but the views are great from that side of Manhattan as well.
  5. Thanks, guys!
    Yes, I was thinking about the view from higher ground as well. I will try Top of the Rock. Thank you, David.
    I will definately try to go to New Jersey side, too. Hamilton Park in Jersey City looks good, but wonder it is located like a hilltop, and it can be a little too far from Manhattan....???
  6. If you want high, all along Palisades ave, above Hoboken, in Union City, NJ.
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    In Hoboken, you can go to the Stevens Institute campus and get a good view. When I lived there, I would often go up to the campus to see the city.
  8. How can you miss the Empire State Building? Shooting downtown to the Wall Street area skyscrapers and the WTC new tower going up (it's closing in on 100 floors I think), or dozens of views of the midtown bldg area. Plus you get to say you went to the Empire State Bldg. where King Kong made his last stand. Woo. Woo.
  9. I second David Manzi's suggestion of Rockefeller Center. It's great at dawn and dusk (they have special packages for both) and I've gotten great shots even at midnight. IMHO, the views are better than from the Empire State and are less obstructed.
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    Round the back of the Exchange Place PATH station right on the riverfront on the Jersey side. As far as i'm concerned thats the best sunset and later skyline opportunity in New York. One stop from the WTC station. I have to say that I've got more nice photographs from ESB than from Rockefeller, though I prefer the process of getting into the latter. Equally for the price of a drink the view from the cocktail baron the 37th? floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle is great too.
  11. Been taking pictures of the NYC skyline since the 1960s. Best vantage point is Hamilton Park in Weehawken on Boulevard East. Forget Jersey City. You get spectaculsr views north snd south. Perfect spot if you want to photograph cruise ships leaving NY harbour.

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