Best Places to Photograph in Atlanta????

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  1. Hi everyone! I am going to Atlanta on Sunday for a week-long business trip. I
    would love to hear any recommendations on places I should take photographs.

    Thanks for your ideas. Happy New Years!
    Jeannie (
  2. What do you wish to photograph? Jeffrey
  3. Best place every time is somewhere behind a camera, lens, ... and in front of somethinmg nice, unique, beautiful.

    That needs open eyes and open mind. Sleep well in Atlanta and discover all you can find that fits this description. Good luck discovering the city!
  4. Well, there is an incredible number of homeless people down near Woodruff Park. Some of them are quite photogenic.

    Oops. Sorry. I was being a little bitter about my former home city's seeming inability to do much to help folks in that situation.

    Atlanta ain't the most interesting place photographically. Sherman burnt down most of it in 1864, and a lot of the rest of the interesting bits have been done in by the developers. There are some unusual folks in Little 5 Points (out on Moreland Avenue) who might not mind being photographed. There are a few industrial sites left--well, at least there were when I moved over here to London a couple of years back, they may have been converted into yuppie boxes (condos) by now--that might provide some interesting vistas. The High Museum has some visually interesting architecture, and my personal favorite place to shoot was the Blood and Fire shelter on Martin Luther King, which if it has not yet been condo-ized, will soon be; please respect the residents of the place if you do shoot there.

    I have not visited the Georgia Aquarium, but you will no doubt find plenty of cool fish to shoot--and I'd bet the reactions of those watching them will make even better shots.

    The good news, if you do anything film-related, is that Atlanta does have one of the coolest used gear places in the world (other than KEH, whose stock you can't just walk in and browse, unfortunately)--Wings Camera, out off I-85 north at Clairmont Road. Friendly folks, and despite the small size, it always has some piece of ancient and arcane gear that Luddite film buffs can't do without--but didn't even know they needed until they walked in the place. Check it out!
  5. Well, for nature and landscapes there's Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, Kennesaw Mountain, Lake Alatoona, and the Chatahoochie River. For urban stuff try Buckhead, also the High Museum.
  6. Spent a lovely morning/afternoon in the Atlanta Botanical Garden and then went to the High Art museum very nearby in November. The Atlanta skyline has some interesting buildings from both spots. Non-photographically - the Martin Luther King park is a must visit. The Carter center is equally a must visit. Set in a park like setting with people often fishing in a little stream on the grounds. There is an interesting photograph in the basement photography collection of the High. It is of three black women walking from their day work in Atlanta suburban starter mansions down a classic Atlanta suburban sprawl cul de sac. See that picture. Ignore most of the suburbs. The photo is moving and speaks volumes about Atlanta. (PS I like Atlanta - not meant as a dig.) The CDC and the American Cancer society are located out by Emory and worth seeing to know something of the United States Health world. AIDS was discovered in a room in the CDC. They have tiny displays about it. Again don't remember much photographically except the garden behind the Emory Conference Center Hotel - beautiful spot. Fernwood is a tiny track of never-harvested forest with nature stuff. Have not been there in years. Filled with school kid trips for fun. Eat in Buckhead for sure. You can get North Carolina barbecue at Dusty's up the street from the CDC on a corner. Funny little hole in the wall place. Otherwise you are likely to spend an awful lot of time in bars.... EVS
  7. Nikki St. Phalle ("Nikki in the Garden") was not a local artist and I believe that exhibit
    ("Nikki in the Garden")is in the process of coming down. I'd recommend the Botanical
    Garden too. It's not far from me. The gorilla enclosures at Zoo Atlanta are terrific as
    well. Also there is Oakwood Cemetary (sp?). The High Museum of Art (on Peachtree Road
    is terrific but they
    can be less than photographer friendly.

    If you are lookign for a professional quality photography store there is Professional
    Photographer'sResource (PPR) on 11th st. at Northside. They also have a very fully stocked
    rental division too.

    What part of Atlanta will be you staying and conferencing in?

    Try to make time to eat at Watershed in Decauter. Daddy Dz's is the best for Georgian
    style BBQ(on Memorial at Hill Street --it's near the Oakwood Cemetary.) Flying Biscuit (two
    locations isgreat for breakfast or brunch
  8. Once again, it's Ellis to the rescue! Sorry, I had just gotten up and was a bit cranky when I replied. I can't believe I forgot the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Wonderful place, the world-famous Royal Gardens at Kew over here are of course much larger--but I really like Atlanta's better. Very nice collection, very peaceful (when it's not too crowded) and intimate.

    The Oakland Cemetery out on Memorial Drive, which is what Ellis was trying to remember, is indeed very scenic as well. It's right down the block from that place I mentioned earlier, Blood and Fire, which is now a homeless shelter but which was once some kind of factory and warehouse. There are some amazing walls and rusting old machinery there, plus they've got a home-made skate park that might be interesting to shoot. Just make sure it's cool with the folks in charge before you go to shooting there.

    And, a triple bonus, both Oakland and B&F are right by Daddy D'z, which, as Ellis said, is just awesome--and quite cheap. It may be the best barbecue in Atlanta, if that honor doesn't go to either Fat Matt's Rib Shack or Pig n Chick.

    His recommendation of the Flying Biscuit for breakfast, right before you visit the botanical garden (which is a little under a mile north, right up Piedmont) is spot on as well. Or, you can always hit the Silver Skillet for traditional Southern breakfast--if, that is, it was not torn down in the widening of the 14th Street bridge project.

    Hate to digress into a discussion of Atlanta eating spots, but, well, there are plenty of good ones. If you're in town on a Sunday, make sure you try out Cafe 458 on Edgewood Avenue for brunch. It's a really cool project: it's located in a homeless shelter (homelessness is a huge problem in Atlanta, as you will observe), and one of the top chefs in the city donates her time to prepare truly excellent and quirky menus, while the proceeds go to benefit the shelter.

    If you want to do some street photography, the area around Five Points (the downtown version) is also good as well, but can be intimidating unless you're a bit aggressive yourself. But it's cool.
  9. Atlanta Botanical Garden,
    Walking trail National Forest Powers Ferry just north of 285 (north of the loop),
    Marietta Square and the surrounding area (old train, Older buildings in Welcome center, some old buildings around the square, etc.),
    Watson Mill Bridge State Park (about 2 hours drive, but a GREAT covered bridge and a wonderful park),
    Red Top Mountain State park (about an hour away),
    High Falls State Park (about an hour away), and
    Jarrell Plantation (about an hour away)
  10. Try to do the CNN tour, you can not take pictures during the tour, but for some reason the colors and angles in the food court have always interested me. Olympic park is pretty, also close to the aquarium. You should be able to get some nice pictures at Underground Atlanta, World of Coca Cola, and the High Museum.
  11. Thank you to everyone for your feedback!

    As it turns out, with my work schedule I was only able to visit two main attractions - the Atlanta Botanical Garden (not much in the way of flowers this time of year, as was to be expected) and the Atlanta Aquarium.

    You can view the shots I was able to get at

    Thanks again!


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