Best place to sell Rolleiflex TLR's but NOT ebay?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by bob_smith, Feb 13, 2001.

  1. Hey folks!
    I am having to part with a pair of Rolleiflex TLR's but I don't want
    to do the ebay thing. Anyone know a good place to post for sale ads? I
    live in rural southwest Colorado so the newspapers is out too! Thanks
    in advance. Ranger Bob
  2. Why not post in marketplace of
    What type? What condition? How much asking?
  3. Why wouldn't you do the Ebay "thing."????

    You have a worldwide potential market, you have control over final price throught the means of a reserve, you don't send the camera away until you receive payment...

    The seller carries no risk in Ebay transactions, and all the potential benefits. The commission structure is cheaper than an equivalent rate to advertize as broadly.

    I used to be skeptical of Ebay, but have come 'round. Most photo threads rant & rave about the idiots out there who pay too much for used equipment in their adrenaline fueled bidding frenzy. Why wouldn't you want to capitalize on that?

    Just an opinion
  4. Another good spot is the newsgroup I think everyone here would also be interested in hearing the details - models, condition, price, etc.
    Dave W.
  5. Correct my last post - the newsgroup I listed is for discussing medium format equipment. The newsgroup for listing items for sale is:
  6. A good place to sell Rollei equipment is on the "RUG" (Rollei User Group)e-mail list, hosted by Marc James Small:

    Email Marc for subscribing information. It a good list, and I enjoy it. Friday is the only day allowed to post "for sale" items, which I think is a great idea.

    It was "in vogue" for awhile to hate eBay, but its not going away any time soon. The real advantage is seeing a .jpg of the item listed, which you can't do with a normal ad...unless you have a picture of the item stored on your hard drive that you can send to interested parties. Without a doubt, the better the presentation the more you'll get for your item. Rollei's seem to do very well on eBay.
  7. I agree that eBay is a GOOD place to sell your items. You will get much more for it there, and the seller has no risk. I sold a Rollei that was just to nice to use (and I'm not a display collector) and got $300 more than what I paid, and the buyer was delighted, so I didn't feel guilty. And, I'm not a dealer; just trying to pare down my camera bag. I have had only one bad experience out of over 100 sales.
  8. Speaking up for selling on eBay, I sold a consumer Nikkor 35-80 zoom there once that got bid up to $140. The selling price of a NEW one at B&H was $95, so I explained that to the winner and offered $80. He backed out.

    I offered the zoom for auction again, and again it was bid up to $140, so I sold it for the winning price. The buyer was thrilled and I made a profit on the lens. This has consistently been my experience on eBay and I'm eager to sell there whenever I can.

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