Best place to repair XD11

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by alvin_wong, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I wanted to pose this question to anyone who ever needed to send
    theirs in for repair. My particular XD11 has multiple problems, which
    rules out any attempt at self-repair.
  2. Email me and I'll give you the name of a great camera guy.
  3. My recommendation would be Garry's Camera( I sent my X-570 to him last year and he did a great job. From what I have read he does a good job on all the older Minolta manual focus cameras. Your XD-11 will cost $45 + $8 shipping to repair according to his site. Contact him first and describe the problems with the camera. I am sure he has ran across most and can let you know if he thinks there will be any problems fixing it for you. He has always responded to me very quickly anytime I have emailed him.
  4. Hello Alvin,

    If you live in either the Los Angeles or Atlanta metropolitan areas, you are close to very experienced Minolta repair people. Terry's Camera Repair is located in the Los Angeles area, and Mark Hama is located in the Atlanta area, and both are former Minolta factory service techs with many years of experience. Both will do business by mail, but if you are in one of these metropolitan areas you have the advantage of being able to go to the shop to get a quote without mailing your camera to be inspected.

    From my personal experience, I strongly endorse Terry's Camera Repair in Fountain Valley, California. It is a one-man shop (the wife often answers the phone) and is an Authorized Minolta Service Center. Terry spent many years in the Minolta Factory Service facility here before it was closed, and before that worked for Minolta in Japan. He actually assembled the SRT-101 cameras in Japan when they were new. In my opinion, his prices are very, very reasonable, and he warrantees his work.

    I have had Terry do a CLA on my SRT-101, my X-700, and a couple of my lenses. In each case the work was very satisfactory, the price was very competitive, and the work was done promptly and sooner than promised. One thing that impressed me the first time I went to his shop was that he asked me to bring along all of my equipment to be checked - free of charge. After going over all of my equipment, the only thing that he recommended be serviced was one lens that I already knew needed to be cleaned and relubed. I had him do a CLA of my SRT-101 just for preventative maintenance, as I had done a couple of times previously at the Minolta Factory Service facility before they closed it.

    FWIW, when he checked my XD-11, he warned me that it has a couple of parts that are no longer available if they fail, unless they can be salvaged from another camera. (Fortunately, my XD-11 is still working well, as are my SRT-101, my X-500, and my X-700 :)

    If you happen to live in the LA area, and are familiar with Orange County, Terry's shop is located on Talbert Avenue, about a mile off of the 405 Freeway at the Magnolia exit, and the shop phone number is (714) 964-7633. I live only a couple of miles from his shop, but I would be happy to continue to deal with him even if I had to do so by mail.

    With best wishes,
    - Tom -
  5. I don't live anywhere near Atlanta (currently, Kuwait, actually), but I mailed my XD-11 to Mark Hama in Atlanta for repair. Came back great. I would not hesitate to use him again. He's at
  6. Christian, I thought the slogan was, "Join the Navy and See the World." But the Army certainly has you moving around. Where else since you left Atlanta besides Arizona, Germany and Kuwait?
  7. For what its worth, I got my XD7 done at the Minolta facility in Southern Cal before they shut it down. I think the initials on the worksheet were Terry's.

    Camera came back great, as good as new, and has been functioning perfectly ever since. Have had it since 1980, you could never tell by looking at it.

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