Best Place to Meet Nikon F Fans Online?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by christian_fox, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Over time, Nikon's first SLR has become my favorite classic camera. I enjoy tinkering with it, handling a few interesting used samples, and researching its evolution online. While I tend to favor black camera models in general, I find the standard chrome F very attractive - it escapes the gaudy look of modern chrome cameras, or perhaps its just age and wear that gives it a nice appearance - I wonder if there is an evolution of the type of chrome and metal combinations on classic cameras. In jest, I say that this camera serves as my Tums for G.A.S., as its simplicity, modularity, viewfinder/screen experimentation, intellectual study of its evolution, fun relatively low cost acquisition, old lenses with large smooth focus rings, and physical comfort, really does give me peace.
    Its a shame that Nikon's rangefinder of similar body design has become a collectable and so much more expensive on the market, as it would serve as nice contrast to the F.

    As I research the Nikon F and classic cameras in general, a few sites stand out over time, like Stephen Gandy's wonderful Cameraquest (a deep black hole to forget the rest of life), Richard De Stoutz' interesting Nikon F Collection & Typology,, Rolands Nikon pages (photosynthesis), as well as forums like the beautiful, Fred Miranda's endless strings, and the surprisingly intelligent Rangefinder Forum (RFF) from Stephen Gandy once again.
    I am looking for individuals that would consider the Nikon F as a lifetime favorite classic camera, and enjoy sharing their journey with others - those that are not embarrassed to discuss the most minute details about this model. If you have an idea as to the likely place where these folks hang-out online or as a group gathering, I would value your suggestions.
  2. Rangefinder forum, which you've already mentioned, would be more than happy to welcome you - there's a love there of classic cameras of all sorts. APUG is another forum that has many fans of such cameras.
  3. Right HERE. You've come to the right place. Many Nikon F fans here.
  4. Why don't you throw out one of your Fs and shoot some pictures and tell us some interesting things about
    it.. WE lvoe camera porn so if you have some sexy fotos of your F then post away
  5. My "F" and Leica M3 are two that I will never part with.
  6. You rang?
    I must confess I've neglected my F's of late, in part because I got a D3200 that mounts all the old F glass, with which I've been having much fun.
    But the F is special. I've wanted one since it came out, now have four, and they're staying.
  7. I don't know if it is my favoite, but I do have 5 of them. Other sources are Ivor Matanle's fine books and the SLR book by the recently deceased contributer to PopPhoto. Senior moment when it comes to his name.
  8. I think it's a perfectly classic design and one of the most beautiful SLRs of all time. (With the original prism that is).
    Here is one spot to find appreciation for it, and its kindred.
  9. I only have one F, but I would consider myself a fan. Nothing like walking around with a piece of history around your neck. An F and a few primes can be a pretty amazing kit.
  10. I started making a living wth mine in 1970. Why change?
  11. By the way, if you have ever been inside a Nikon F, you may find part of the reason why it's such a great machine. The level of workmanship and finish is uncanny. I've taken apart a few old cameras, some of them pretty nice, but the F is a high class piece of work right down to the cleanly finished little gears and tiny ball bearings.

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