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  1. Can some of you recommend what the better online stores are for purchasing digital slrs?

  2. The two biggest names are probably B&H and Adorama, though there are a number of other sources that folks have had success with: J&R, Beach, etc. - a fairly long list.
    Beware of the lowball scam artist vendors that advertise way below the market prices. Check each dealer out on before trusting them.
  3. I have had a great deal of success at Amazon. com. Great prices there also and quick service on shipping. I have used B&H a lot also with great results...
  4. Warehouse Express is highly thought of...
  5. BeachCamera very good price, no tax, mostly free ship and merchandise arrives in 1-2 days ( depending where you are , of course)
  6. If you want to try anything used, has always been a good experience for me. They are reputable and have competitive prices. JR
  7. I've used a few times and had no problems.
  8. and
    Just about everything I buy comes from bhphoto because of price.
    I find however my 2 DSLR's were not bought from bhphoto as I got it a bit cheaper through Amazon and Dell at the time...
  9. Here is another obligatory reference to . Always check there for any on-line store you don't already know about.
  10. Amazon (which uses Calumet, Adorama & Beach as vendors) is a great source. Adorama, B&H, and Calumet (my longest-standing business relationship is with the latter). All good sources.
  11. Can't go wrong with B&H.
  12. I have used B&H a lot also with great results...
    Thank you.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  13. I will throw in a further recommendation for B&H. I have been using them since coming to the US in 1992 - initially for monthly orders of film and Polaroid which I did for years. In all that time they never put an order together wrong and it was always shipped and delivered as promised, sometimes to my home and frequently to the location I was headed to.
    I now use them just for equipment purchases and the prices are always extremely good - you may save a couple of bucks somewhere else, nothing significant - but they are 100% reliable, never try any silly bait and switch nonsense and are always clear when offering a choice of gray or US market products.
  14. Amazon has a lot of "associates" and buying from them does not have the same assurances that buying directly from Amazon does. To put it bluntly, some of the "associates" can be scams. If they ask you to pay by sending a money order directly to Transylvania, you should by no means do so..... (this actually happened to me, but I didn't do it of course).
  15. I've bought a lot of stuff from Beachcamera, they're as good as B&H and Adorama.
  16. B&H is great, and they have a no questions asked return policy, if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.
  17. These folks have treated me very well -
    They are located in Indianapolis, In. They have a real store - three, I think - and they are about as good as I have seen. If you go into the downtown store, ask fro Bruce. He owns the joint. He's good as gold...
  18. Just bought a used lens from Adorama. They rated it an excellent minus. Other than the lens cap, the lens looks and works like brand new.
  19. Mike, where do you live? If in NJ, Adorama will charge NJ sales tax since they ship out of NJ. Another local store that offers excellent service at NYC prices is Allen's Camera in Levittown, PA. Its close to Philly.
  20. I second those who say B&H. I have found prices to be good, customer service to be excellent, and shipping to be very fast. I have bought a 30D and several lenses there--most recently, a 24-105 that was used.
    Best of luck with your purchase.
  21. I used to shop almost exlusively at the jungle, because of their price adjusment and free return policy, and of free shipping for most of items. However, they have changed both policies since last Oct/Nov; i.e. no more price adjustment and no more no-question-asked return.
  22. B&H gets all my business. They have earned it over the years. Great folks to deal with, awesome selection, and their customer service is tops.
  23. I've bought from J&R and Adorama occasionally, they are both reputable shops, but B&H or Amazon are where I get my gear from online, and Calumet offline. The really great thing about B&H is how consistent and reliable they are, even if they are not always the absolute cheapest.

    I received my new Mac Pro from Apple yesterday, unfortunately the video card is incompatible with my monitor. B&H has the other, hopefuly compatible video card in stock (Apple has it back-ordered for a week) and when I ordered with next-day shipping, they actually shipped it next-day even though I was 3 hours after the cut-off, so I will get it tomorrow. Thanks!

    The fact Henry Posner (director of Customer Service at B&H) posts regularly here is just another sign of how they walk the walk on customer service. That's rewarded by loyalty (I've spent over $22,000 there in the last 10 years).

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