Best Noise Reduction Software???

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by dyun_baline, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I had a chance to try out Adobe Photoshop CS5 and really liked the noise reduction capabilities. I don't know how long before I can afford to buy CS5, so my question is;
    Is there Noise reduction software that compares or even surpasses CS5? What do you use and prefer? Ideally I would prefer a stand-alone program, but I do have CS3 if need be. The noise reduction in CS3 (in my opinion) doesn't really come close to CS5.
    Thanks for your time!
  2. Jana, you might search, this has been discussed many times before
  3. Jana,
    Give Lightroom 3 a try... same(similar) noise reduction as CS5..
    One I used in the pas t was very happy with is noiseware by Imagenomic, also read/heard good things about noise ninja..
    Like Brett suggested a quick search... will help you decide which one is best for you.
    All 3 I mentioned have trial versions for download.

  4. I don't know how long before I can afford to buy CS5...
    Give Lightroom 3 a try... same(similar) noise reduction as CS5..​
    LR3 ($299) is $100 more than the cost of the upgrade from PS CS3 from PS CS5 ($199), unless you both were talking about the entire Adobe Creative Suite, which would cost a lot more.
    I use Nik Dfine ($100 stand-alone) with LR and Topaz DeNoise ($80 stand-alone) with PS. I don't have stand-alone versions, but they work the same as the stand-alone versions. I prefer the control points with Dfine. Either one is available as a free demo. Hope this helped.
  5. PhotoDenoising
  6. I use Neat Image which is a free download as long as you don't mind working in 8 bits (you have to buy it if you want to work in 16 bit files).
  7. Although this topic has been discussed before, the answer is different now. Topaz Denoise is way better than Noiseware, Neat Image, Noise Ninja, etc. Also Lightroom 3 (and CS5, if it uses the same algorithms) is now in the running.

    PhotoDenoising is free, interesting, have not tried it. DB, last I checked Topaz Denoise is available only as a plugin, not stand-alone.

    Here is a blog that compares three widely-respected choices:

    Luminous-landscape also has an essay on Topaz with a Lightroom 3 comparison at the end.

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