Best Micro Four Thirds (MFT) Cinematography Camera

Discussion in 'Video' started by iKokomo, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. I know that the Blackmagic Production, Pocket, and Pocket 4K use the MFT lens mount but I was just wondering what other companies (besides Blackmagic) out there use the MFT lens mount?

    My only stipulation is the fact that it has to shoot at least 4K.

    60p and RAW are nice but not necessary. I will probably use it mostly in 24p.

    I like Blackmagic (as I have one) but I would like to know what other companies are out there!
  2. You have to shop around to find a camera which shoots true 24p (or 23.98). The Black Magic does, but most use a 3:2 pulldown. I've been asked once in 20 years to deliver 24p. For me, 30p or 60p seems almost. universally accepted. It might also be hard to find any video camera that didn't deliver 4K.

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