Best Mamiya RB67 Repair USA?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by Aoresteen, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Well now that I need to have my RB67 lens serviced I need to find a repair shop in the USA that knows Mamiya RB67 stuff inside out.
    Who is the "David Odess" of Mamiya RB67 repairs? Surely there's someone out there that specialies in Mamiya repairs?
  2. Good luck! Last time I tried, the best Mamiya repair shop had succumbed to lack of parts. I did run across a couple shops willing to try and do repairs, but they were not Mamiya specialists. Vermont Camera seems like the best bet, from my search.
  3. I did find one shop that does Mamiya RB67 repairs. It's Forest Camera Repair outside of Nashville TN. Here's what they list as cameras that they work on:
    Medium Format Camera Repairs

    Hasselblad: 500C, 500C/M, 501CM, 503CW, 503CX, Plus Hasselblad lenses & film backs
    Mamiya: RB67 body, lenses, and film backs
    Mamiya: 645's
    Bronica: We no longer repair Bronica

    35mm Format

    Pentax: K1000, Spotmatic, ME Super, MX
    Nikon: FM, FM2, and other non auto-focus
    Canon: AE-1 and program, Plus most EOS

    They say that they service Mamiya RB67 bodies & lenses. I spoke with them and they are pretty sure that my lens has a broken spring and they do have the part ($28). So I packed up the lens and mailed it to them. We will see how they do.
  4. Check with KEH.

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