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  1. Hello all,
    I will be traveling to Boston next weekend for a meeting but hope to get a little time for photography - I will have very limited time and will be at the mercy for taxis os I cannot explore like I would like.
    Any recommendations on the best locations for evening/sunrise skyline locations? Anything I could tell a taxi in terms of a drop off place would be most appreciated as well.
  2. honestly, you sort of have to be on the water. Other than that, maybe Nahant or Winthrop. As a resident of the Boston area, I almost want to say 'it's been done before' (from boats, helicopters, etc) and I'd urge you to find a unique perspective on the idea.
  3. From experience: Piers Park in East Boston gives an unobstructed view of the Boston skyline across Boston Harbor, but the sunset will be very far off to your right this time of year. There is a walkway near the Airport Hyatt (you go to the water taxi stand and walk down to the end of the seawall) that might be better in terms of sunset over the city, but it's still going to be tough to get the sunset behind the city.

    You might try some locations in South Boston, but I have no experience with them personally.
    Sunrise over Boston is tougher to get — you might be able to shoot it from the Cambridge side of the Charles River, but I can't speak to that personally.
  4. There are several road bridges over Mass. Rt.2 in Arlington that have good views of the skyline (facing
    east, so you won't be looking into the sun for afternoon photography. And there is a good view of the
    skyline traveling south on I93 in Medford, not sure if there is a good place to stop and photograph. The
    park at the sewage treatment facility in Winthrop has places to park a car and walk around. Memorial
    Drive in Cambridge and the waterfront park along Marginal Street in East Boston have fairly close up
    views. There are also ferries operating in and out of Boston Harbor to north and south shore destinations.
  5. There are some great shots travelling the Mass Pike, just after the Allston exit inbound.
    And hopefully I can put in a plug for The Photographer's Ephemeris, which I find a great aid for lining up sun and moon rising and setting shots.
  6. Brad, sorry to be a little late to the party, as you are probably on the way home. here are my favotite Boston skyline locations:
    For sunrise/first light on the city: East Boston from either LoPresti Park or Piers Park. Both offer essentially the same view, though I like LoPresti Park for some foreground. Piers Park is less deserted (hard to imagine, as they are a few blocks away from each other) but it may be locked until sunrise. The Blue Line stops at Maverick, half way between the parks. When facing the water/skyline, Lopresti is on the right, Piers on the left.
    The morning also offers a great view from The USS Constitution. It may be a good time to get a shot of Paul Revere statue with the Old North Church in the background from Revere Park.
    For the late afternoon, go to the Longfellow Bridge. There is a pedestrian walkway where you can set up a tripod. It may be too early in the season, but a photo of the skyline with the sailbaots on the Charles screams Boston.
    For dusk, you can head back to East Boston or try the Skywalk at the Prudential Building. If the Red Sox are playing, you can an "aerial" of Fenway Park lit up at night. Otherwise, dusk looking at the Hancock Tower and beyond is super.
  7. James hits the highlights. I hope you got some good shots. I happened to be at the "Microsoft Nerd Center" (near the Longfellow Bridge) last fall and these are the kind of shots one can get from that vantage point.
  8. I completely missed this in time for your trip, but a little known secret - Deer Island in Winthrop also offers skyline views and you can watch the planes land as well. You'll need a good telephoto, though!

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