Best lens for video on SONY A7SII?

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  1. I've been looking at a lot of lens and the Sony FE PZ 28-135mm seems like the best value for the price.
    But others criticize it for being not a real cine lens, distortion, cheap build, awkward controls.

    Then there are the Rokinon, Zeiss Compact Prime, and Sony 70-200mm which isnt a cine lens.

    I currently own only one of the most hated lens the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8.

    Any suggestions?
  2. The Sony PZ28-135 is not exactly "cheap" at $2400, but it is a bargain compared to hand built Zeiss and other lenses for video (a Zeiss video prime starts at $4700, zooms at $15k). The zoom, focus and aperture rings are geared so they can be operated (pulled) with a remote control attachment. The zoom is also powered, so it can be operated turing a take without jarring the camera. Since the A7Sii issued the full-frame for video, a 28-135 range would cover most situations.

    I have used a Sony A7ii and A7Rii as a second or third camera, mostly for classical concerts from some distance. The most useful lens in my kit is a 70-200. A Sony 100-400 is on my short list. However it is impossible to change any setting without jarring the camera, including the thumbwheel. I either leave it alone, or use another stream to hide the transitions. A PZ lens would be very useful, but I have dedicated video cameras which serve that role. For smaller venues, a 24mm lens or shorter would be useful.

    I mostly use auto focus, but selective focus poses another challenge - how to do it without disturbing the image. Sony model 3 cameras and the A9 have "touch focus" capability. You touch the rear screen on the desired focus subject

    In the end, you have a camera (A7Sii) primarily designed for stills. While it takes excellent video, the controls used a lot in videography are buried in menus. Some can be assigned to programmable buttons, but not everything you need is even there. Sony now makes APS-C video camera which take E/EF lenses, at affordable prices (<$6500). All the essential controls are up front, and you will give still camera operators button-envy. An excellent 4K camera with a 1" sensor and fixed zoom lens starts at about $2200.

    For more cinematic projects, 24

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