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  1. Good day all and (somewhat belated) best wishes for 2010.
    One of my students is off to the Himalayas next month to climb up to base camp one. He has a 50D and would like to know what lens he should take with. Obviously the first and most important priority is reliability, followed by convenience - light weight and preferably one, maximum two lenses. Lastly there is the image quality consideration.
    The convenience and image quality aspects are a difficult trade-off.
    So, we are calling on the vast experience of all the community for advice
    Keep well all
  2. My vote would be the EF-S 10-22mm & 24-105mm F/4 L.
    for a one lens solution with lower IQ and less width for those must have panoramic shots, the 18-200mm might be worth looking at.
  3. For going with one lens, the EF-S 15-85mm. It has most of the range of the two above. For reliability, I would take a good quality P&S camera, just in case.
  4. +1 to 15-85.
    I recently played with one and was greatly impressed.
    The only thing it doesn't too wel is straight lines. But no wide zoom does that perfectly.
  5. I would highly recommend sticking with one lens, the 15-85. In those climates, I would avoid changing lenses if at all possible.

    Some recommendations.....
    • Cold will deplete a battery more quickly. Keep the batteries in your shirt pocket to keep them warm. Even when you sleep
    • Keep the camera itself at a steady temp as much as possible. Don't bring it in and out of severe cold weather a lot - it will build up condensation in the camera
    Tudor ApMadoc
  6. I spent 3 weeks in Nepal last year, trekking to Everest & points thereabouts. I took a 5D with 17-40 and 24-105, plus the plastic 50/1.8. That was a great lightweight combo for me on that trip, but sacrificed a bit on the telephoto end. With a 50D, for my style of photography, I'd take a superwide like the 10-22 and pair it with something in the wide-short telephoto range like the 24-70 or 24-105. The old 28-105 is a pretty decent lens and small and lightweight. The 50/1.8 comes along regardless since it doesn't weight anything...
  7. Hi,
    This essay seems to fit your request 100% (and thanks to Michael Reichman of the Luminous Landscape for publishing it!):
  8. I was treking around Annapurna (Jomson Trek) november last year. My equipment was Canon 5D Mark II, EF17-40F4L, EF24-105F4LIS and EF70-200F4LIS. Everything in my backpack - Lowepro CompuPrimus. Notebook and 10D body as backup was in sherpas backpack. For the next trip I will probably exchange the EF24-105F4LIS for EF50F1.4. (or take both:). Do not forget CPL filters and UV filters for protection. Pics from the trek are here
  9. I travelled to Everest base camp with a 28mm lens for my film camera and was perfectly happy with the scenic shots I got; 17mm on APS-C camera is about the same field of view so I think that would be perfectly adequate. He could by all means get the 10-22 but you need good compositional skills and using that on a mountain scene risks some very ordinary shots. Overall I would agree with the 15-85 and If money is tight the 18-55 IS (must be the IS version) would still be a very good alternative. For alonger lens I would take the 70-300 f4-5.6 IS USM but that is because I like taking pictures of elements of the landscape as much as (if not more than) wide landscapes themselves.
  10. I would favour a canon 17-40L if on a crop sensor like the 50D. Good focal length range, superb IQ (especially stopped down a little on a crop-sensor) It's internally-focusing lens groups also allow it to remain well-sealed against the elements. Finally, it is relatively light. His second lens would be predicated on what he wishes to shoot. Panoramics or tighter shots. But as a walkaround, he wouldn't go far wrong with the 17-40L.
  11. Just a few notes, based on several treks in the Himalayas: The above advise in in general right, whether you want to bring wide angle or tele lenses is a matter of a personal choice. The Luminous Landscape article is good but aimed at climbing; circumstances won't be so bad when trekking to the basecamp. I have seen lots of cameras fail (mostly in the film era though - digital seems to be more reliable)so taking a 2nd body or p/s makes sense.
    My outfit (nowadays): EOS 5D with 10D as backup, 24-105/f4 + 35/f2.0 +135/f2.0 lenses, Speedlite 580 EX flash, Powershot G7 for quick shots. (Too) heavy perhaps but next time I'll use the same or a similar outfit.
  12. Having hiked Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, lots of 15,000 foot and higher passes in the Andes, etc. I would recommend the 24-105 and a wide angle lens like a 10-22. I use the 24-105 a lot, even for landscape work and like the results. I use the 10-22 for tight spaces and for some landscape work with the 24-105 on the camera about 80-85% of the time. A 50mm f/1.8 is a nice addition as is a small shoe mount flash. A tripod is great if you can swing it.
  13. Thanks guys, you are the best.
    Watch this space for some great pictures around the end of May
  14. I've been to Base Camp on both sides several times. I'd bring the EF17-40F4L, EF24-105F4LIS and EF70-200F4LIS. Since he's shooting with a cropped sensor he might replace the 17-40 with the EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5. It's just a bummer to loose the constant aperture, when shooting in tricky low light areas like monasteries... Leave the 70-200 at home if that sounds too heavy! If that is still too heavy leave the 17-40 at home. If he needs wider angle than 24mm provides, he can stitch files when he gets home. Have a great trip!

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